[TVXQ! Express] Our Cool Monster is Back!!! Welcome Back Yunho 。゚(*´□`)゚。!!!


21 months,


we have all waited together patiently for this moment, all these past 21 months!!

Today, Jung Yunho has completed his amazing military service diligently, earning awards, titles and lots of fanboys~

Now, after a really long and tough time, our very beloved and leader U-Know Yunho is back!!!

He’s back.

The cool monster,  as he promised, is back! ready to face new challenges and soar higher and higher!

♥🍓♥🍓♥🍓♥ Welcome back U-Know ♥🍓♥🍓♥🍓♥

Congratulations on your discharge!! Thank you so much, so much, for making us feel even more proud to be your fans!!

we are certain that, from now on, the TVXQ train will charge twice as strong and fast! We can’t wait for you and Changmin to take us to even more amazing journeys and adventures!

we wish you all the best with whatever activities you will grace us with next!

let’s keep writing the U-Know Yunho and TVXQ story together~

Today, the “Toho-” is here, and the “-Shinki” is only 20 days away from entering the 2 digits (omg yes, can you believe this?!!!)

This is going to be TVXQ’s YEAR no doubt!!

We are T-ing, always, and for as long as you wish,

TVXQ! Express

p.s. the monster is back!! please consider helping us out and joining our team! let’s get this train to catch up with them and their furious energy haha (for more click here)



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