[Compilation] 170420 Fans, the Media and SM’s Security Staff at Yangju for U-Know Yunho!

At least over 500 fans and the media are currently waiting for our king to show up! SM’s security staff, including TVXQ bodyguard Hyun Myunghwan (Papa Bear/Mama CQ), are there as well! TVXQ’s ex-manager Kyungjae was spotted, too! Also, a Japanese fan said an avex camera was there.
The media there were seen taking photos of fans’ banners! SBS, MBC and some Japanese media cameras were spotted~

Yunho will be greeting them on 9:30 KST at a large carpark near a restaurant where the camp is.



Currently about 400 + fans are queuing

[cr: @yilunleong]


[cr: @yunoloT]




[cr: @yilunleong]



[cr: @yunoloT]



Fanaccount by @snxy:

  • Papa Bear is hereee
  • Looks like SM called for a lot of security. which is good, i guess.
  • So many fans stayed overnight. There was a roll call at 3am. >_< glad there won’t be anymore of these for now.
  • Actually I’m glad for the amount of security, as there’s the big main road just nearby. SM’s taking care too. Please be careful today.
  • Please note the area thar Yunho will greet people is a large carpark near a restaurant which is where the camp is.
  • “Happy. The “Special Class (as in SCS) Idol Has Come.”
    “Jung Yunho, the road we walked to discharge with you was truly~ we missed you…”

    [cr: @bruni2618]
  • From the station, you can take buses 35,50,51,77, 77-1, 85, 133 or taxi. it’s about 12 bus stops from the station. 26사단사령부 and get off.
  • Whoa fans chartered tour buses here *_*
  • Papa bear lost so much weight *__\* fans were waiting opp the camp and he said please go to the carpark www
  • Looks like almost 500 people are here
  • banners up~!

  • It’s a big open space, you don’t need numbers tbh. Standing at the back you can see everything.
  • Media here and filming the Yunho banners. Some uncles also took the fan slogans.
  • Ahjussis taking pictures with Yunho’s banner
  • These uncles asked for the Yunho banners and hung them up
  • Media just arrived and are taking pix of the Yunho fan banner
  • Seems more than 500 fans have arrived; this is only a part. There are fans at the side and at the back too.
  • The media are taking pictures of all the fans and the banners lol
  • SBS, MBC cameras spotted so far. Also some jpn media
  • Kyungjae oppa ^^!
  • Some jpn fans said avex? cameraman is here 😮


#WELCOME_Uknow was trending at No.1 in Koran twitter~

[cr: @bruni2618 via @snxy]

it is still in the trends as of now~ ^^




As indicated above,
Compiled and Shared by TVXQ! Express

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