[Compilation] 170813 JEJU air Booth with TVXQ! Yunho x JEJU air Goods at Thailand and More~

This post is a compilation of various fan or official posts on JEJU air x TVXQ Yunho~


It seems like there’s a travel fair in Thailand now and Jeju Air has a booth there with Yunho Jeju Air goods being given out too~

[cr: @OnlyMinMin: 1 and 2 on 170813, in English via @snxy]


Yunho for Jeju Air posters lining the passageway linking Narita Airport’s Terminal 2-3. (Don’t go by shuttle bus if you want to see)


[cr: @mwkjhst on 170811, Translated by @snxy]




A fan who was at Narita Airport terminal 3 filmed the poster~


[cr: @waka921koume on 170813]



OP: each time I see the jeju air ads, its model (Yunho) suits it extremely well; indeed with a fine figure, he’s more handsome with age

[cr: @baegopa365 on 170812, Translated by @snxy]


op fangirling about yunho for jeju air because he’s so handsome; saying she renewed her fangirling, didn’t stop being a fan, only almost temporarily

[cr: Instagram via @snxy on 170813]



Official Posts:

Earlier, the company that did the wrapping for Jeju Air and the models posted about it on 170808.

Reduction ratio: 1:200
L: 21cm; w: 20cm; ht: 14cm

원본 이미지

원본 이미지

원본 이미지

원본 이미지

원본 이미지

원본 이미지

원본 이미지

원본 이미지

원본 이미지

원본 이미지

원본 이미지

원본 이미지

원본 이미지

원본 이미지

원본 이미지

원본 이미지


[cr: 날아날아: here , In English via @snxy]


In addition, on 170809,  Official facebook posted about Jeju Air flies to Vladivostok, Russia from September 29th~

Image may contain: 1 person, smiling, standing


[cr: Jeju air: here , Translated by @snxy]


posted 10 days ago, this is the  Jeju Air Hello Japan team playing bingo with the passengers!

winners with Yunho’s goods~

[cr: jj_team_crew: here, in english via @snxy]




As we indicated in the post above,
Compiled and Shared by TVXQ! Express

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