[Trans] 170821 Yunho and Changmin Share their Thoughts at TVXQ Press Conference in Seoul



Changmin: It has not even been a week since my discharge so I am very nervous. Until now, it feels like I’m not wearing clothes that suit me. I still feel like the police uniform is more comfortable.

Yunho: Changmin has become manlier in appearance and cooler. On the inside, he has become more relaxed. In the army, Changmin had contacted me often, and I had the thought that Changminnie’s checking on hyung.
– Today, I have to say this first of all. Just earlier, as we were introduced as Kpop’s best, we giggled/laughed softly. We have to think of the reality. When thinking of the weight (of that title), it is very worrying what we have to do. I am happy that we have both returned healthily (well). We promised to return healthily to fans, so I am happy that we have kept the promise. I am happy that TVXQ has returned in such a way.



스타뉴스 via naver, Translated by @snxy: here,
Shared by TVXQ! Express


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