[Trans] 171009 Tohoshinki to Sing Japanese OST for Comeback Work of Inoue Mao


On the 9th, Japan’s Nikkan Sports reported that “Tohoshinki would be singing the theme song for Inoue Mao’s comeback work “Tomorrow’s Promise”. The song “Reboot” by Tohoshinki who has resumed Japanese activities after 2 years away in the army, has been used as the theme song for “Boys Over Flower”‘s Inoue Mao small-screen comeback work “Tomorrow’s Promise”. There is anticipation gathered as it is Tohoshinki’s first announced new song since they resumed Japanese activities.
-omission of Inoue Mao’s comeback work after a hiatus due to a retirement/marriage-related reasons*-
U-Know Yunho: Reboot is a treasured song that is about the resumption of activities.
Choikang Changmin: I was really happy to hear the news that it had been decided upon as the theme song. It would be good if our song could contribute even a little to the audience value of the drama.
-news of Tohoshinki’s upcoming appearance on Music Station and Begin Again tour omitted-

[cr: OSEN via never, Translated by @snxy]


Interestingly, this drama will star Nakama Yukie, the actress who was the lead in the 2011 Japanese drama “Utsukushii Rinjin” which featured “Why? Keep Your Head Down” as its theme song. In addition, Tohoshinki also sang the theme song for her 2013 drama “Saki” with the song “Catch Me -If you wanna-“. Whether it was a coincidence or not, good job to our lucky fanboys hahaha ;D




OSEN via never,
News Article Translation by @snxy,
Post Written and Shared by TVXQ! Express

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