[Trans] 171012 First Previews of U-Know Yunho on Set of Drama Meloholic


first previews of Yunho on set of Meloholic

In the released photos, Jung Yunho is the show’s “Legendary Returning Student” {t/n; he plays a student who’s returned to school after serving in the army // original webtoon character was a teacher} who is the campus’ charming man. When looking at expressions of the female students who are lingering around his surroundings with envious eyes, sure enough there is anticipation as to how his look in the show which set-up as the “wanted (to have) man” character, will be expressed. With his attention solely on his thick books, while he is completely uninterested in other females and treating (them) in a chic (i.e coolly) manner, in yet another picture, Jung Yunho’s gentle smile stands out, and has transformed into a romantic “final round boss {t/n: meaning like knock-out/finish king}” who is looking lovingly at someone.

… on the “kingka that does not do relationships, Monster Union (production house) Kim Dong-hui PD said “The persuasive power of the supernatural kind of fantasy set-up (of the drama) is the effort of Jung Yunho which is like the exceeding passion that he shows on stage. In particular, after he has returned from the army. His masculine beauty which has become more intense has also added to his stability, which will be another charm that he will be showing.”




스포츠동아 via naver,
Translated by @snxy,
Shared by TVXQ! Express

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