[News-Soompi] 171023 TVXQ’s Yunho Is Just Your Average Joe In New “Melo Holic” Stills Hinting At Character’s Past

TVXQ’s Yunho Is Just Your Average Joe In New “Melo Holic” Stills Hinting At Character’s Past


TVXQ’s Yunho may have looked suave in previous stills of OCN’s “Melo Holic,” but that’s not all there is to his character!

In new preview photos of “Melo Holic,” the singer looks like the perfect student, with shirts buttoned all the way to the top, perfectly fitted backpack, glasses, and a typical “helmet”-like hairstyle. These images show Yunho’s character Yoo Eun Ho in the relative past, before he became the hottest student on campus and the object of many women’s affections.

Yunho personally suggested the idea of dressing himself this way, in order to show the contract of how his character was in the past, and how he is in the present. The TVXQ member even cut his bangs in order to make his hairstyle seem more authentic.

As for what happened to Yoo Eun Ho that he would go from just an average joe to someone known for his looks, it will be revealed once “Melo Holic” premieres on November 6, at 9 p.m. KST.

In the meantime, check out a teaser for the drama below!



News on naver main~


Dispatch tweeting the news: “even this look is cute!”



Soompi (Source: 스포츠조 via naver),
Naver main Info by @hfocus0206,
Dispatch Twitter (@dispatchsns), Translated by @snxy,
Shared by TVXQ! Express


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