[Trans] 171026 TVXQ for “Let’s Eat Dinner Together” and their Fast Success with their Dinner Search~ (171025)


News articles summarising the events of  TVXQ’s “Let’s Eat Dinner Together”.

Please make sure to thank the translator for translating these long articles \ (*>ω<*)/

LEDT Yangju Honorary Citizen TVXQ, one meal success very quickly

TVXQ attained success in getting a meal with the warm-hearted Yangju generosity after just one, two tries. On the JTBC show that was aired on the 25th, TVXQ’s U-Know Yunho and Choikang Changmin appeared as guests, embarking on the challenge of getting a meal in Yangju city’s Baekseok-eub in Gyeonggi-do. On that day, the Kyu-dong siblings and TVXQ met fifth-year junior high school female students on the bus. However, upon asking them if they knew who they (TVXQ) were, the students answered “(we) don’t know.” In the young girls’ hearts, it was only BTS. Even at the introduction of the TVXQ ahjussis, their answer of “ah really? They look really different than on TV”, and not being able to recognise them, evoked laughter.

The destinies of Yangu city and TVXQ was special. Yangju city’s Baekseok-eub is where the 26th Mechanised Infantry Division where Yunho had done his military service, is located. They were exploring the neighbourhood when Yunho who used to shout the rallying cry of ‘Attack’, coincidentally met the army officer who made him a Special Class Soldier. It was a heartwarming atmosphere as the officer was lavish in his praise of Yunho, saying ‘Yunho was an exemplary squad leader who took care of his army juniors well.’

Yunho and Changmin became teams respectively with Kang Ho Dong and Lee Kyung-kyu who both each like and dislike communicating. While stressing on passion, Yunho and Ho Dong looked like they worked well together, having observed that sight, Changmin and Kyung-kyu exhaled a breath while looking into space. At their “we want to be alone. we dislike communicating,” opinions strongly identifying with each oher, the two of them triggered laughter.

The first team to get a meal was Changmin and Kyung-kyu. The two’s successful feat at their very first house caused surprise. Changmin’s words to Kyung-kyu ‘it is my honour that I am able to be with sunbaenim,’ led to a broad smile. The house that the two found was of a middle-aged couple about to have dinner with their daughter’s family. They drew attention by having a barbecue party on the verandah. With the difference of having failed at one other place, the team known as ‘YunHoDong’ of Yunho and Ho Dong pressed the doorbell on their second try. From the house, they met a pair of siblings who had the nicknames of ‘Pig Kid’ and ‘Bea Kid (Beaver Kid)’. In particular, this caused laughter as (one of them) had a close resemblance to Ho Dong. A heartwarming generosity was felt when (the family) unhesitatingly agreed to share their meal successfully.

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LEDT, as expected of TVXQ, Changmin succeeds on his first ding-dong (bell)

After completing his army service as a Special Class Soldier in Yangju, Yunho is a honorary citizen
of Yangju. Naturally, Yunho’s resolution for this time’s LEDT was also exceptional. At Yunho who said he would be successful without question, Changmin disclosed that “our personalities are really different. I will do my best but I think I could also fail.” The two hitting off right away.

Yunho and Changmin set off to Yangju city’s Baekseok-eub to challenge finding meal companions. “Communication King” Kang Ho-Dong and ‘Passion Mansoor’ Yunho started communicating with residents in the neighbourhood. The two hitting it off right away.

At the sight of that Changmin said “Yunho hyung is also like that. Like Ho Dong-ie hyung. Really likes communication. I am thinking if it really has to be like that,’ evoking laughter.

Yunho who had done his army service there, introduced various places. The four people were worried as it seemed difficult to succeed in a place which was not densely-populated. -teams omitted-

Yunho showed his burning desire by saying ‘Today, rain has been forecasted. However, as recording has started, the weather has cleared up. This means success.’ At Yunho’s attitude which was overflowing with passion, Kyung-kyu scolded, ‘isn’t that chatter not passion?’

Having started their challenge, Changmin quietly requested for a meal with the resident of the house. Hearing Changmin’s explanation, the resident said she felt bad as there were no side dishes. The resident asked her grand-daughter about what to do. Changmin and Kyung-kyu tried coaxing one of the grand-daughters who had said she disliked (the idea of sharing the meal). Finally, due to a change in the kid’s mind, Changmin managed to have the fortune of achieving success on his first challenge.

Changmin arranged the staff’s shoes and entered the resident’s house. The resident’s daughter said, ‘it is my first time seeing a celebrity this close. (Changmin) is really a handsome man,’showing her nervous heart.

Yangju honorary citizen Yunho’s heart had become anxious. A resident who knew of Yunho asked
what had happened and appeared, opening the gate. Ho Dong was surprised when he saw the resident’s son who resembled him. The resident also added in her introduction that ‘when the kid was younger, he would see Ho Dong on TV and call him appa.” The resident then agreed to the two’s requests for a meal.

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 newsen and news1korea respectively,
Translated by @snxy: 1 and 2,
Shared by TVXQ! Express


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