[VID/DL/Partial Trans] 171025 TVXQ! on jtbc-TV “Let’s Eat Dinner Together”~

TVXQ went on an adventure to look for a meal at jtbc-TV “Let’s Eat Dinner Together”! Check out the show below if you had missed the stream~ :3



Official video cuts can be found on naver at the show’s playlist: here. Some of these videos are as follows:

  • yunho x ho dong at getting a meal with their fated family!: here.
  • the beef bone soup that captures Yunho’s tastes~ : here.
  • I ♥️ alcohol! i really like alcohol! – changmin: here.
  • Ho Dong’s ‘mukbang star student’ Yunho who’s envious of a passionate mukbang: here.

[cr: Title translations by @snxy]



we will update the post with the full version once a working link is up (some were taken down for copyrights).


The official playlist on youtube: here.



Watch the full raw online now on KShow123: here.





You could download the full episode from the magnet at this post: here [ts; 6Gb].  [cr: @tvxqdrip]

Direct links of this file (split into two) can be found listed: here.



Also a direct download: here [ts; 3.39Gb]. [cr: @HoHoHo8626]

Another one split into parts listed: here [ts; 12Gb]. [cr: @enirtvxq]




Partial Translations:


Translated by @aminotvxq:

  • Attitudes toward ‘failure’
    Yunho : Failure is another success
    Changmin : I do my best but also take into account that there can be failure
  • Changmin didn’t allow his friends, even his parents, to visit him during his military service ;w;
  • To Yunho looking at a tree with some fruitsChangmin : You’re even trying to interact with the fruit…?
  • Changmin : I used to be called ‘오빠(oppa)’ a few years ago, now I’m used to being called ‘아저씨(ajossi)’ ㅋㅋㅋㅋ
  • When the family offer MC some liquor they made adding that it’s good for men Changmin: If it’s good for men would you mind if I try it too?
  • Yunho : I was born only 2.6kg so my mom tried to feed me beef bone soup all the time. I drank it as though I drank water.
  • Q : Have you ever regretted becoming a celebrity?
    CM: You lose some, you gain some. I lost my childhood and instead repaid my family’s debt.





on Naver main and Let’s Eat Dinner Together x TVXQ trending on Naver

[cr: @snxy]


Let’s Eat Dinner Together and Choikang Changmin spotted on KR twitter trend

[cr: @ryuda_t]


TVXQ also trended~






As we indicated above,
Compiled and Shared by TVXQ! Express

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