[Non-fanacc] 171027 Of a (Meloholic?) Staff Who Met with Yunho, and him Sharing Encouraging Words~


@snxy I was like that as well, from my mother, us children had listened to TVXQ songs everyday together since their debut, and while watching their music show broadcasts, got to like them a lot together. Today, when TVXQ’s U-Know Yunho went for the film-shoot, the me who likes (TVXQ) was more overjoyed and asked delicately and carefully ‘i’m sorry but can I perhaps get an autograph?’
Usually to get autographs or photos with stars is nearly impossible because of managers or bodyguards so it’s almost fruitless but (Yunho)’s personality is so very nice that for the duration of the shoot everyday, it is enjoyable as the atmosphere is energised. But what was more surprising was that after the final shoot ended, he brightly agreed to all of the staff’s requests for photos and even me, whose heart was pounding so fast to the extent I was on the verge of tears -as I was about to ask him for a photograph, I recalled my mother’s cautious request the previous night, and instead of asking for a photo, I asked him for an autograph for my mother – he agreed to it unhesitatingly and signed it with a smile. Instead of just signing it quickly and leaving, he took quite awhile to deliberate on what to write. I apologised for taking up his time when he should be leaving work and he replied with a ‘no ㅎ {t/n: in this context, it has the connontation of no, it’s alright} and when I told him timidly of my dream to become a director, he smiled brightly and told me, “later on, I’ll work hard to polish (hone) myself and prepare for that day.”..
Those words have completely changed my life. He had never seen me nor had we exchanged words once during the shoots before today, yet out of the blue, a stranger was telling him who is a star about his dream of becoming a director… and by doing so, he is also the first star I’ve met who has given me courage warmly in such a way…
Such a deeply touching day where my tears of happiness flowed was the first ever since I was in the Avengers 2 arts team and props team.. I am really, sincerely thankful, Yunho-nim. (He) is really someone I admire and I pray that Yunho-nim will only have beautiful and happy days aheadㅜㅜ As I will live diligently, I want to also refine my skills as a director so that can come up with a video in which Yunho can appear really wonderfully in, as well as become a good director that will receive a lot of love from more people^^
Finally, I who has not saved much nor been able to do many things well, have as a son, got my mother a present that is like really like a present for the first time..




Naver blog via DC TVXQ! Gallery,
Translated by @snxy,
Shared by TVXQ! Express


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