[VID/Partial Trans] 171030 Watch Yunho’s Drama Meloholic Press Conference BTS on V LIVE~ (Broadcast on 1:20-50pm KST)

Yunho’s drama Meloholic press conference behind the scenes broadcast has just ended! it went on for 30 minutes from 1:20 to 1:50 KST.



The broadcast froze a lot and was stopped then resumed on another V Live link, so for those who missed it, you can watch it: here and here.
The first one ended collecting 797,195 hearts with about 15k views, while the 2nd ended with 67,248 hearts, so thanks everyone for showing your love~

You can still keep giving hearts! > w <

seeing how there were some ongoing English subs, let’s hope the broadcast will be subbed fully in English soon~ ^^*


Partial Translation:

Translated by @snxy:

  • Q. Is there anyone you would definitely dislike reading the thoughts of?
    A. It would be our member Shim Changmin-ssi… If I hear good words from Changmin, it would be really nice but since he is (the same team) member (as me), if I hear bad things from him, I think I would get more hurt.
    [cr: @MyspringT]
  • Q. Yunho-sshi, is there a bed scene?
    A.  If you watch the drama…
    Q. Please say if there is of if there isn’t.
    A. Yes.. there is a proper (Yunho said 찐한= it means like a vivid, detailed…) scene.
    Q. Wouldn’t it terrorise fans?
    A. No
    Kyung Soojin: As there are many Japanese fans, sumimasen (Japanese for please excuse me/please pardon me) in advance.
    [cr: @0206yhken]
  • Q. Have the 3 of you had a cup of alcohol together?
    Kyung Soojin: As the filming took place quickly from the start, we couldn’t meet separately (i.e. outside of the set).
    Yunho: Didn’t we have one cup of when we were eating jjajangmyeon while filming..
    [cr: @0206yhken]





and as indicated above,
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