[Trans] 170527 “From a Warm Neighbour Hyung to an Idol”.. U-Know Yunho after 15 kg Weight Loss

From a warm neighbour hyung to an idol, a perfect transformation

TVXQ’s U-Know Yunho before-and-after dieting appearance has become a hot topic. Right after his discharge, he had a photoshoot with fashion magazine, ‘Arena’. His (body) figure is perfect. What is his secret? Continue reading


[Headline] 170527 Yunho: From a Warm Neighbour Hyung to an Idol, a Perfect Transformation

Dispatch on Yunho’s weight loss as seen in his recent ARENA Homme+ photoshoot

[Instagram] 170519 KR Magazine “ARENA Homme+” Deputy Editor-in-Chief on Yunho~

Arena Homme+ deputy editor in charge re-posted the video of Yunho that Arena Korea first posted.

“saw him for the 1st time in a few years, a handsome friend who saw me and came running to greet me first”




Deputy Editor-in-Chief: Jamie Jooyoung Lee (joojoo8896): here,
Translated by @snxy,
Shared by TVXQ! Express

[Trans] 170520 “Stand by for Attack” The Reason for the Anticipation for Yunho’s Comeback to K-pop

“Stand by for attack” The reason for the anticipation for Yunho’s comeback to K-pop


TVXQ’s U-Know Yunho has returned to the stage.
On the 19th, SM Entertainment revealed that at the upcoming SMTOWN LIVE 6th WORLD TOUR to be held at the Seoul Sangam World Cup Stadium, U-Know Yunho would be presenting a solo stage. That this would be the first SMTOWN concert in Seoul in 3 years since it was last held in 2014, coupled with the fact that it would be U-Know Yunho’s first performance after being discharge, has captured the attention of fans.

Although many idols have returned from the army, the anticipation for U-Know Yunho is of a different level. On April 20th, he was discharged from the 26th Mechanised Infantry Division after completing 21 months of military service. Through his exemplary army life, it was alongside the attainment of the title, of becoming a designated Special Class Soldier. Continue reading

[Trans] Yunho for Korean Magazine “ARENA Homme+” – June Issue 2017 (Released 170520)

Please make sure to thank the translator for her amazing translation of this interview\ (*^ w ^*)/

Full translation of  Yunho’s Interview for  “ARENA Homme+”  June Issue 2017.

[cr: cover via  yes24]

Now, (he has) returned.
U-Know Yunho has returned. Returning from the army and, also as <Arena>’s cover model. In the period between the 2014 March issue and the 2017 June issue, he has at times, filled it up, and at times, reduced it.

U-Know Yunho’s lines have widened. Of course, this could be a preconception. This is because he has broken through what Korean society had thought the army symbolised. Perhaps it could also not be a preconception. This is because one changes according to what one experiences. No matter what significance there is, the army is a strange environment. Like the whisky in an oak barrel, you are affected by your environment. In there, you mature and your character is changed. As compared to previously, he could look at the camera with a slightly different density. This difference is subtle yet at times, clear. These are aspects that play a part in contributing to the preconception as well as that difference. U-Know Yunho is clearly aware of this about himself. In that space, that period of time, has made him stronger. He said. “The army was my turning point.” It looks like the feeling that his lines have widened, is not just a feeling after all.

Q. This is the first photoshoot since you’ve been discharged. It is the first sight of you being handsomely unveiled to the public after being dressed up.
That’s why I’m more nervous. At first, it would be okay if I had slept well and then presented myself with a good appearance but because I would be greeting (the public) through this photoshoot, Continue reading

[Trans/Headlines] 170519 News on Yunho’s Feature for ARENA Homme+: ‘A Real Man’s Charisma’


News Translations:

Yunho expression that has deepened after discharge.. “a real man? that’s me!”

U-Know Yunho has returned. U-Know Yunho who was discharged from the army on the 20th is the cover model for the June issue of men’s fashion magazine, Arena Homme Plus. This is the fist pictorial through Continue reading

[PIC/INFO] 170519 Yunho for Magazine “ARENA Homme+” – 2017 June Issue: 10-Page Feature (Release on 170523)

According to Magazine 0, ARENA HOMME+ to include a 10-page feature of Yunho including his interview and photoshoot!

Here is an almost-textless version of the cover from yes24 (Release on 170523):



For international fans, you could try pre-ordering your copy from online stores that do international shopping like Gmarket (Price: ₩6,500) [cr: via @snxy]




Text-less cover via yes24,
Post written and Shared by TVXQ! Express

[Instagram] 170519 Editor-in-Chief of “ARENA Homme+” on Yunho’s Cover Feature for June Issue~



네 맞습니다^^ 창간 7주년호 아레나 표지를 장식했던 유노윤호가 군대를 다녀오자마자 첫 복귀작으로 아레나 6월호 표지를 선택했습니다 그야말로 구릿빛 피부가 돋보이는 유노윤호의 다양한 화보를 만나보시죠~ 이외에도 곧 다가올 여름 휴가를 어떻게 보내야할지 다양한 각도에서 서술한 기사들을 전면 배치했구요. 얼마전 오픈한 현대카드 쿠킹라이브러리 분석 기사도 담았습니다:) 지금 가장 뜨겁게 서울 곳곳의 공간들을 구축하고 있는 젊은 공간 디자이너들도 소개했습니다! 자 다들 아레나와 함께 뜨거운 여름 속으로 뛰어드시죠! #유노윤호 #정윤호 #uknowyunho #동방신기 #tvxq #아레나옴므플러스 #arenahommeplus #와여름이다

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Yes, that’s right^^ For the cover of the special 7th anniversary June Continue reading