[Trans] 171220 Tohoshinki’s Message about Jonghyun Before the Start of Today’s Begin Again at Tokyo Dome

Tohoshinki has started their 2nd part of Tokyo Dome stop, lasting for two days, including today.

In regards of the unfortunate circumstances of losing dear Jonghyun, this sold out show sadly couldn’t be cancelled . Before the show was about to start at 18:00, a message from Tohoshinki about Jonghyun was displayed on screen in Japanese and Korean.

To all those who are attending today, please shower them with love and support.



Jonghyun, who was to us, TVXQ, like a real younger brother and while being an outstanding singer-writer, who shone even more brightly on stage, has left us. Our hearts are aching so much. We will never forget (him). Everyone as well, Continue reading

[PIC/VID] 171219 Tohoshinki’s Comment for JP Magazine MEN’S CLUB + Signed Polaroid

Tohoshinki are featured on Japanese Magazine MEN’S CLUB – February Issue 2018 (Release 171222). Below are photos from official article published on 171219, along with a Tohoshinki video comment. As it was published after the sad news about Jonghyun, the magazine was considerate to include a note about it, which you can find translated below.

You can pre-order the magazine from Amazon Japan: here.


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[Compilation] 170826 Changmin was Spotted at SHINee’s Taemin Solo Concert “Off Sick” in Seoul

Changmin and other SM artists attended Taemin’s solo concert “Off Sick” at the Olympic park’s Olympic hall in Seoul. He was seated together with Minho, Jonghyun, and Kyuhyun.




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