[TVXQ! Express Post] Happy New Year!! May 2015 Be full of Blessings and Achievements!

Hello our dear readers,

On behalf of the TVXQ! Express team, I would like to wish everyone a happy new year! May you all and your loved ones be blessed with happiness and good health!

2014 has witnessed many great steps TVXQ! has crossed as they keep in climbing up to the top. Non stopping, these two strong-willed men managed to make TVXQ! even more awesome than it already is! the releases of the awesomeness that are Tense, Tree and With! the amazing Tree Tour and the starting of the beyond Fantastic T1ST0RY special tour! The Records, of others and their owns, they broke that my weak memory lost count of! let’s not forget to mention the two’s fun solo activities, the fairy tales of Mimi and The Night Watchman, the Music collaborations and the Movie Cameo!

Despite the hardships our fansite is facing, even at the moment, to  keep up with these hard-to-catch duo (We do “wanna catch you” we are “serious” ヽ(;▽;)ノ) , it is a blessing to be able to give back , even if it is a little bit, and express our thanks to these two’s hard work for TVXQ! by helping in spreading their love for everyone!

I would like to thank all the dear members of TVXQ! Express, old or new, active or on hiatus, for their much appreciated contributions and support! (We made it this far, I can’t believe it myself!!! I love you girls ; A ; ) Same for all the individuals and Fan sites that supported us, and you dear readers with all words of encouragements and feedback! 

You might have notice that TVXQ! Express has become less of an express this last month. Real life is not friendly sometimes, and so we are missing lots of posts and we have some projects, that I’m sure you will like, but are to see the light in the future less sooner than we planned. However, we would like to assure you that we will do our best to bounce back and come back in full gear soon!!

Please Support TVXQ! even more in 2015, it’s gonna be one very important year for them for sure! I wish you all the best my dear boys! Never stop being the great hard worker and inspiring artists you are!!

Also, any help with TVXQ! Express will never be denied ahahaha! Please come and help us out to be that express for TVXQ we look forward to be!

All the best wishes ❤

Smile_ssi of TVXQ! Express

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