[Trans] 150121 “Ode To My Father” Breaks 11 Million Admissions and Enters the KR Movie Box Office Top 10!

‘Ode To My Father’ breaks ‘The Attorney’ (2013)’s KR movie box office ratings, ranking 10th


Summary: as of 5pm, on Jan 21, based on the Korean Film Council’s cinema ticket network, the cumulative aggregate attendance for Ode To My Father is 11,377,945 surpassing The Attorney’s 11,370,000 and entering the Box Continue reading

[VID/Trans] 150120 Yunho’s Nam Jin from “Ode to My Father” on SBS News~

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cPwqUs2KNxg ]



Nam Jinn (Yunho) was asked if he was really Nam Jin
Nam Jin: ah my popularity spreads to all corners!



SBS, video by ekwjdekwjdDC Yunho Gall
Translated by @snxy
Shared by TVXQ! Express