[Trans] 150112 NOEL’s Na Seong Ho – “Fans shifted when TVXQ debuted” (2 O’clock, KBS Cool FM)

NOEL’s Na Seong Ho – ‘Fans shifted when TVXQ debuted’ (2 O’ Clock)

Na Seong Ho confessed that many fans shifted when TVXQ debuted.

On the January 12th radio broadcast of KBS’ Cool FM’s ‘Jung Bong Min and Lady Jane’s 2 O’ Clock (radio show)’, he said that many of NOEL’s fans became TVXO’s fans when they debuted.

NOEL’S Na Seong Ho: Because of TVXO’s debut, all the fans shifted. In the TVXQ fan seats, the fans were shaking the lightsticks.’ he said regretfully.

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[Trans] 150112 “U-Know Yunho, The Jewel Uncovered in ‘Gukje Market’ “

“U-Know Yunho, The Jewel / Gem Uncovered in ‘Gukje Market”‘

Although (the role) was small, it shone / glittered. The U-Know Yunho in movie ‘Gukje Market’ was like the gem /jewel “specially gained” by coincidence while going to shop for groceries. Although he made a surprise appearance as a cameo in the latter half of the movie, he made the 10 minutes he appeared on the screen squarely into one of his own, and displayed his sense of Continue reading

[INFO] Clarification on the Current Status of Yunho’s Dog Taepoong (Following some 150111 WITH Release Event Fanacc)

After the first day of WITH release event (150111) in Osaka, some fans seemed to have misinterpreted Yunho’s words about Taepoong (on the 1st Round) and thought that his dog passed away. However, we are glad to report to you that this is not the case and that Taepoong is doing well and it is just that he is being taken care of by a new owner 🙂

On this, by @snxy via @joeylfy:

[ checked with onlyoneuknow]: please do not spread the false story about taepoong anymore. He is alive and being taken care of by a new father.



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[Trans] 150110 Kangin, “Although I have yet to watch ‘Gukje Market’, I am proud of Jung Yunho”

Kangin, “Although I have yet to watch ‘Gukje Market’, I am proud of Jung Yunho”
Kangin has expressed his affection for Jung Yunho.
In an interview with Newsen, Super Junior member, Kangin, who is announcing his arrival on the big screen as the lead character for the first time in his life through movie “Cat’s Funeral”, mentioned his fellow SM under-one-roof colleague, TVXQ member U-Know Yunho (Jung Yunho), who is also attempting the acting genre like himself.

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