[Trans] 140130 Director Yoon Je Kyun Mentions Yunho in his Interview

Only Yunho’s parts translated:

“Following his huge praise for Hwang Jung Min, Director Yoon Je Kyun continued with compliments for TVXQ’s U-Know Yunho, otherwise known as Jung Yunho, who appeared as a cameo. There is nothing to say about the acting of Kim Yoon Jin, Oh Dal Soo, Ra Mi Ran, Jang Young Nam and Jung Jin Young. Although it is possible that in the eyes of the viewers, Jung Yunho, who had been cast in this movie, is an unexpected casting, Jung Yunho was Director Yoon’s ‘hidden card’.

“.. “I thought that (the film) had to capture Nam Jin’s youthful times, and if it were to be that way, various criteria were essential. First, (the actor) had to know how to speak the Jeolla-do dialect, and he had to also sing as a singer. Seeing how it had to be that way, naturally my eyes were averted towards the singers. I met (Jung) Yunho at first, he was a really Continue reading