[INFO] 150129 Venue Limited (goods) Crystal Charms for Tohoshinki LIVE TOUR 2015 ~WITH~』has been announced

 Crystal Charm

【Size】 Length about 39mm × Width about 20mm × Thickness about 2mm

【Price】400 Yen each

※ You can purchase up to 5 charms per person.

Instead of Ballpoint pens like TONE’s or TIME’s and TREE’s Pencils, this time the venue limited goods are these ” Crystal Charms”
As you can see all the 16 are of different Continue reading

[INFO] 「Kimi no Inai Yoru (The Night without You)」(2015.02.25, 「SAKURAMICHI」coupling song) Tie-Up has been decided!

「Kimi no Inai Yoru (The Night without You)」( new single「SAKURAMICHI」’s coupling song, to be released on 2015.02.25) Tie-Up has been decided!

  • TBS Series 「King’s Brunch」February-March Ending Theme




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[INFO/VID/Trans] 150128 TVXQ won 2014 GAON KPOP AWARDS for the 1st Quarter with TENSE

On 150128 at 2014 GAON KPOP AWARDS, Singer of the Year Award – Best Selling Record 1st Quarter went to TVXQ! with TENSE by selling 197,864 copies of the album.

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Their Repackage Album “Spellbound” ranked as the 5th, selling copies! (shown below with price) Continue reading

[INFO] 150128 The Night Watchman Journal PREMIUM EVENT 2015 has been decided (March 24)

The Night Watchman Journal PREMIUM EVENT 2015 to be held on 24/3 (Tue), for two rounds:

  1. 4:30PM
  2. 8:00PM

Artists attending: Yunho, Jung Il-Woo & EDEN

Venue: NHK Hall (capacity 3,800, so 2 rounds = 7,600)

Price: 9,300¥; ticket applications start 2/6 via Yahoo!





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