[PIC/Fanacc] 150113 Tohoshinki 「WITH」Album Release/Buyer Event at Pacifico Yokohama, Tokyo

Today was 「WITH」Album Release/Buyer Event at Pacifico Yokohama, Tokyo. It had two rounds:

First Round: Doors opened 16:00/17:00 JST
Second Round: Doors opened 19:00/20:00 JST

Please don’t confuse today’s album buyers’ limited event with the “Meet & Greet”event.  The “Meet & Greet”event is going to be held during WITH Dome Tour.


First Round

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[Trans] 150113 “The reason why TVXQ is shining much brighter even amidst the faltering Korean wave”

Amidst a situation wherein the popularity of the Korean wave within Japan is faltering, TVXQ is boasting of its 10th year unchanging popularity while displaying their unrivalled performance in Japan.

On 13 January, through its official Japanese website, TVXQ released a notice that the sale of “limited view” seats for TVXQ’s 2015 Japanese 5-Dome tour “Tohoshinki Live Tour 2015—With” has started.

Although “limited view” seats are seats for which viewing of a part of the performance on stage is difficult to be seen or cannot be seen at all, as a reflection of the opinions of the fans who wish to watch TVXQ’s concert, the sale of the said seats has been specially added.

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