[News/PIC] 151201 ‘Ode To My Father’ Is A Breakout Hit

'Ode to My Father' spans the Korean War to present day Korea.

(Photo : CJ Entertainment ) ‘Ode to My Father’ spans the Korean War to present day Korea.

“Ode to My Father” led the Korean box office during the holiday weekend, drawing attention back to the potential of domestic films. The CJ Entertainment film has led the box office for the past two weekends, helping to drive the American fantasy film “The Hobbit” into fourth place in the Korean market.

According to statistics published by the Korean Film Council, “Ode to My Father” grossed $3.9 million on Christmas Day and led the weekend box office on December 26-28, with more than 37 percent of the viewership. Continue reading

[Headlines] 150102 Movie “Ode to My Father” (Yunho’s cameo) set a Historical Record on New Year’s day!


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  • OdeToMyFather set a historical record for attracting the most # of movie goers on New Year’s day with 751,700 ppl.

    [cr: TV Report via Naver]


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It has been also reported Continue reading