[Audio] 150105 Tohoshinki’s Upcoming Song “SAKURAMICHI” as the theme song for the JP Drama “Hanayome Noren”



The single SAKURAMICHI is to be released on 2015/02/25



Hanayome Noren,
Youtube Video by yukichi tvxq
DailyMotion Video by BANBI☆MAX
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[Trans] 150105 Kyuhyun Mentions Changmin in his Exclusive Interview with Sohu

The interview’s video can be found here

Q: What are your thoughts on having a self written song in the album? How do you feel working with TVXQ’s Choikang Changmin?

A: As for writing songs, even though the other members do it a lot, it was a first time for me. Even though I have many shortcomings, there were many people who helped me. So even though it was my first self-written song, the rate of completion also went well because I worked very hard on it. Because it was my first production so l put even more heart into it, so the song turned out pretty well. In addition, beside me, there was my extremely close friend, our Changminnie also personally wrote the lyrics. Because we know each other’s feelings and experiences well, I could just talk about the lyrics from my heart; whether I liked it or not. Being able to critique and work on the lyrics in a straightforward manner helped the production to be completed in an even better way.




Sohu TV,
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[Trans] 150105 Son Ho Joon mentions Yunho in his Interview

Son Ho Joon mentions Yunho in his interview

Q: You spoke about blood types before on “Three Meals A Day”. Please let us know the points to look out for for each blood type.
A: For Type A, because they lean towards the side of being a little careful, they try hard not to touch on matters relating to human heart / feelings. Yunho is also blood type A. I am making him become more of a blood type B (laughs), type Bs are honestly comfortable (to be around with). Seeing as how I am a type B, because I know my personality well as type Bs do not especially Continue reading

[PIC/Fanacc] 150105 Changmin was spotted Hiking up Mount Halla on Jeju Island on 2 Jan with SHINee’s Minho

Different people reported on their blogs of seeing Changmin at Mount Halla on Jeju Island on the 2nd of January!

here are the korean blogs that mentioned him: