[Trans] 150108 Nam Jin, “Gukje Market” U-Know Yunho, “He acted well in the role as me”


Nam Jin, “Gukje Market” U-Know Yunho, He acted well in the role as me”

Singer Nam Jin has opened up about TVXQ’s U-Know Yunho, who took on the role as him in the movie “Gukje Market”.
On YTN’s “Ho Joon Seok’s News People” broadcast on 8 Jan, Nam Jin held a conversation with Director Yoon Je Kyun and Anchor Ho Joon Seok over a telephone call.
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[Trans] 150108 Reporter Kim Tae Jin, “TVXQ, The Guerilla Date was Difficult due to the Push from the Crowds”

[The behind-the-scenes stories of stars as revealed by reporters]

Reporter Kim Tae Jin, “Ha Ji Won and TVXQ, Doing the Guerilla Date with them was difficult because of the push from the crowds”
Reporter Kim Tae Jin has spoken about the stars on Guerilla Dates which he cannot forget.
“During the TVXQ segment, because it wad dangerous throughout the entire thing, the filming was cancelled. So the next day, we went “Let’s go quietly and secretly just amongst ourselves the next day let’s go to Sangam Sky Park and film there, but even so, there were several thousands who flocked there too, so I remembered that it was really dangerous.”



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[Instagram/Twitter] 150108 More Selcas of Changmin with Different Guests at Cat’s Funeral” Movie Premiere

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