[Trans] 150106 Son Ho Joon Mentions Yunho in his Grazia Interview

Q: about SHJ not having travelled overseas before “Youth Over Flowers”.
A: … When I was 22, I could not even try dreaming of overseas vacations. However, now I try not to say these types of things. My close friend, Yunho, and I, were also like that, in our entertainment industry, there is practically nobody who is successful now who has not been through difficult times and suffered….

Q: about SHJ mentioning that he wanted to get married
A: .. After coming up to Seoul, and up till before moving out and living alone now, I was always living Continue reading

[Trans] 150106 Hologram Musical “School Oz” Opens on 14 Jan (Starring Changmin)

SM Hologram Musical “School Oz” opens on 14 Jan

“As a world’s first, SM Entertainment will showcase the hologram musical (floating method) “School Oz” on 14 Jan at the SMTown Theatre on the 5th level of their cultural complex space located in Samseong-dong, Seoul.

The musical “School Oz” uses the background setting in the magical country of Oz, and is a production portraying the fantasy adventure of leaving to look for Continue reading