[Official TVXQ!/Trans] 150101 From Star: [TVXQ!] 2015 – New Year Greetings

[ 20150101 Special Message – From. U-Know ]

Yunho: The year of 2015 is the year of the sheep… Everybody, (I hope that your new year) will be filled only with good things~ (and I hope that) there will only be blessed / happy things (in your lives)~!

[ 20150101 Special Message – From. MAX ]

Changmin: So the year of 2015 is the year of the sheep ^^ Everybody! Please spend a beautiful year healthily, just like the sheep.



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[TVXQ! Express Post] Happy New Year!! May 2015 Be full of Blessings and Achievements!

Hello our dear readers,

On behalf of the TVXQ! Express team, I would like to wish everyone a happy new year! May you all and your loved ones be blessed with happiness and good health!

2014 has witnessed many great steps TVXQ! has crossed as they keep in climbing up to the top. Non stopping, these two strong-willed men managed to make TVXQ! even more awesome than it already is! the releases of the awesomeness that are Tense, Tree and With! the amazing Tree Tour and the starting of the beyond Fantastic T1ST0RY special tour! The Records, of others and Continue reading