[Trans] 150110 Kangin, “Although I have yet to watch ‘Gukje Market’, I am proud of Jung Yunho”

Kangin, “Although I have yet to watch ‘Gukje Market’, I am proud of Jung Yunho”
Kangin has expressed his affection for Jung Yunho.
In an interview with Newsen, Super Junior member, Kangin, who is announcing his arrival on the big screen as the lead character for the first time in his life through movie “Cat’s Funeral”, mentioned his fellow SM under-one-roof colleague, TVXQ member U-Know Yunho (Jung Yunho), who is also attempting the acting genre like himself.

In the midst of conveying his own thoughts on the so-called “SM curse” that a production will not be able to become a box office success if SM artistes appear in it, Kangin said, “In the past when Yunho appeared in ‘Yawang’, I called him and tried asking him Have you received Yawang’s script? I am really curious about the next episode / story. Can’t you let me know (what will happen next)?’ A production which one person thought was uninteresting can also possibly be seen as interesting to someone else. I don’t know (it is hard to define) the standard / criteria to measure success.”

On this, when we asked him if he had watched ‘Gukje Market’ which Jung Yunho appeared in, he added his sincere thoughts, “Actually, I have not been able to watch it yet. But I have thoughts of having to definitely watch it. (I know that Yunho) made a short appearance in the role of Nam Jin, and I heard that he really did well. Therefore, I am even more curious (about the movie). Just looking at that movie alone, it is really doing well, isn’t it? It is said that it will shortly surpass the 10-million tickets mark. Although it is not a production in which Yunho appears as the lead character,  I am personally proud that (Yunho) took part together in that type of huge film and he completed his part well.”

-details about Kangin’s movie “Cat’s Funeral” omitted-

For the fully translated/another trans check Mwave’s here



Translated by @mug_ping
Shared by TVXQ! Express

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