[INFO] 170331 The Police Promotions Unit is Scheduled for Concerts on 4/13 and 4/20 at Hyundai Department Stores!

The Seoul police promotions unit is scheduled for concerts on 4/13 and 4/20 (same day as Yunho’s discharge) at different Hyundai department stores! Titled “Seoul Promotions Units S/S (Safety Seoul)”

For the 4/13 concert, applications are needed, and only hyundai department store cardholder can apply. The promotions unit concert is a cultural event that would be held at 2pm at Hyundai department store Mia Branch’s Culture Hall (Floor 10)

[cr: @FishGround1015 and @sua_1106]

The photo below was the seating situation for the 4/13 police promo concert as of 05:48pm (170330). About 300 out of 700 seats were taken (back rows remaining). Other dept stores’ cards are ok, and one person can get 5 tickets. No purchase of items in hyundai department store necessary).

[cr: @YHandCM]

The other police promotion unit concert on 4/20 will be held at 2pm, Hyundai Department Store Mokdong branch.

[cr: @RiseAsT]



As indicated above,
Translated by @snxy: 1, 23, and 4, and 5,
Posted and Shared by TVXQ! Express



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