[Trans/Fanacc] 170420 Yunho’s Talk to Press and Fans at his Military Discharge Ceremony Today

This post compiles pieces of Yunho’s speech in front of the fans! Some of them are as reported from the press and some of them are as reported from fans who were there, streamed the event, or translated the shared videos.  Yunho said that he has been meeting up with Changmin each break and preparing for TVXQ’s comeback!!! Also, for today (20th) he is to spend it with his family at Seoul~
since only news article’s quotes will be linked, you could consider the rest as fanaccounts/direct video translations~



Fanaccount and Translation by @snxy:

  • “Discharge” U-Know Yunho, the returning SM’s thousand soldiers and ten thousand horses [cr: OSEN via naver]
  • Army band was playing dream [cr: @tvxq_2street]
  • Yunho rolled down the window and waved bye. He brought the balloon with him. He was emotional ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ
  • Yunho said he missed us, that he really missed us
  • Yunho said recently, he’s been meeting Changmin every break so he feels the future TVXQ would be more fun. They have prepared different things too
  • Yunho: in order so no one can be like the pride of TVXQ; as they (CM + him) have sincerity; have maintained a dignified side; to show why they are TVXQ
    it has to be with changmin that it is the real start of tvxq; would want TVXQ’s history to continue on; would work so (TVXQ) can be everyone’s pride
  • Yunho also thanked (asking us to clap) the reporters, staff for coming and he was so humble.. like as tho he’s not a star
  • Yunho also asked where the fans were from.. saudi arabia, peru, mexico, china, taiwan, malaysia, kr, jpn etc he seemed so surprised ㅠㅠ
  • A red balloon was in front of Yunho and he looked at it, bent down and picked it up. ㅠㅠㅠ even as he left, he kept holding onto it ㅠㅠ
  • At first he greeted us as 26th Division’s Sergeant Jung Yunho. Then after that he said TVXQ’s U-Know Yunho
  • Yunho: I read all the fan letters and got a lot of strength from them.
  • TVXQ’s U-Know Yunho’s discharge, 1000 fans gathered to meet Jung Yunho [cr: TOPSTARNEWS]
  • Yunho: Girl group that gave him strength in the army: Red Velvet; wants cola and jjajangmyeon; pls anticipate him and changmin as a whole [cr: @kor_celebrities]
  • Frm seeing hw many officers came to the front gate to congratulate Yunho on his discharge, one can infer how (exemplary) his army life was [cr: mydaily via naver via @iruka0206]
  • SM on Yunho’s plans for his first day: spending it at home in Seoul with family. Yunho’s parents have come up to Seoul from Gwangju and will be spending time with him. [cr: STARNEWS via naver]
  • U-Know Yunho: I want to quickly see Cassiopeia [cr: @xportsnews]
  • U-Know Yunho: the fans that I wanted to see the most, I will repay them for waiting [cr: @tenasia_]
  • Yunho- he received many letters from fans, when he had time, he wld read them; bring them home. It became for him to look back on himself [cr: @ansaram618]

  • (looking at the words 東方神起 on the balloon) Yunho: I used to feel the weight of these words. Until now, I had felt like a youth with a dream but now I am showing a good side with the weight lifted.
    [cr: @beanfairy1]

  • Yunho: more than anything, I wanted to meet with everyone. is there anything you want me to talk about? Fans: don’t go anywhere! – Yunho: asking me not go anywhere? (smiles) wouldn’t that be bad ww [cr: @harooyunho]




Translated by @janieTVXQ:

  • This article called Yunho “SM’s one thousand soldiers and ten thousand horses” [cr: OSEN via naver]
  • Yunho: We’re seeing each other for the first time in a while. It feels like stopped time is starting to go again. It’s a complicated feeling
  • Yunho: I was U-Know Yunho in society but I put everyting down and I was a person, Jung Yunho. It was a time in which I could grow.
  • Yunho: I want to eat jjajangmyun the most!!!
  • Yunho: I think Changmin will “do well in the army and be back. Thank you for believing in TVXQ, that’s how I could work hard even here.
    Yunho: I think Changmin will do well too. Please look forward to the complete TVXQ. This is only the beginning.
    [cr: mydaily via naver]
  • Yunho: I can say this confidently. I had a lot of fun at the army.
  • Yunho said again to fans after saying this to press: THIS IS ONLY THE BEGINNING FOR TVXQ.
  • LRT; didn’t hear properly but sounds like he looked at the word “TVXQ” on the balloons and said “the weight of these letters…”



Translated by @mystaryunho:

  • “many celebrity hoobaes wrote to me (even outside sm) and visited me, and when i read them i thought it’s good to be thought highly of for working hard” [cr: Video by 스타ting: here]

  • “most of all, i missed you very much, very much. do you have anything you want to say to me? i shouldn’t go anywhere? yes,we feel dearer to one another, right?” [cr: Video by 스타ting: here]
  • where r you all from? japan? china? so many from china! hongkong? daejeon? that’s korea. usa malaysia vietnam mexico..where?australia? thailand? thank you [cr: Video by 스타ting: here]
  • army time gave me a chance to think about the weight of these letters (tvxq) i was a young dreamer, but now i want to bear the weight on my own terms (values)[cr: Video by 스타ting: here]





As we indicated above,
Compiled and Shared by TVXQ! Express

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