[Trans] 170821 Army-feel TVXQ the Pressure of Competing with Younger Friends

From the TVXQ! Press Conference Today at Seoul, Shilla Hotel in Jangchung-dong.


복무 중 특급전사를 획득했던 유노윤호는 “딸 거면 제대로 따자 싶었다. 만 25세 이상 성적 최고점으로 특급전사를 땄다”며 “그걸 땄을 때 외로웠다. 시선 같은 것에 부담감이 있었다”고 털어놨다.

최강창민은 “훈련을 받으면 몇 km 달리기를 해서 순위를 매긴다. ‘너무 무리하지 말아야지’ 생각했는데 스물한살, 스물두살이 나에게 오더니 형 뛸 수 있겠어요? 하더라. 깔보는 시선이 힘들었다. 보란듯이 몇 백명 속에서 4등을 했다”고 말해 웃음을 자아냈다.

유노윤호는 “군대에서 좋은 추억밖에 없다. 제일 힘들었던 건 내 자신과 생각하고 이야기하는 시간이 힘들고 뜻깊은 시간이었다”며 “자기반성의 시간, 동방신기로서 어떤 아이템을 가져가야 할지 수첩에도 적었다. 슬슬 그런 걸 꺼내볼까 한다”고 덧붙였다.


On the tough thing about being in the army, “There are different expectations for celebrities than with (regular) men”

Yunho who had attained the title of Special Class Soldier said “If I could get, I wanted to get it properly (all the way). Only those who are 25 years and above with the best results could get the Special Class Soldier.”, “when I got it, I was lonely. The attention and such was pressurising.”

Changmin: During basic training, the ranking is determined by how many km you run. I thought it was ridiculous, there were 21 and 22 year olds who were going up to me and saying ‘hyung, can you run?’ With that kind of belittling perspective/mindset, it was tough. I am proud to say that in the hundreds of people, I attained 4th place.

Yunho: I have nothing but good memories of the army. In the toughest of times, it was also a hard and significant time for me to self-reflect. In the time of self-reflection, I also wrote down what items I had to have as TVXQ. I wondered if I should bring those up slowly.



한국일보, Translated by @snxy: here,
Shared by TVXQ! Express

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