[Trans] 170821 Changmin on his Service and Hyung; Yunho on Changmin ” We will show our bromance”!


이날 동방신기 최강창민은 “그동안은 오글거려서 서로 표현을 잘 못했는데 사실 군복무 기간 내가 윤호 형에게 얼마나 모질고 매정한 동생이었는지 반성을 많이 했다”고 말했다. 이어 “윤호 형에게 잘해야겠다는 생각을 많이 했다. 군대에 가면 부모님의 소중함 혹은 가족 소중함을 알고 철든다고 하는데 정말 그렇더라. 가족 지인 윤호형 팬들의 소중함을 한 번 더 각인할 수 있던 시간이었던 것 같다”며 “우리 형한테 진짜 잘 할 거다”고 강조했다.

유노윤호는 “창민이 제대 축하한다고 말하고 싶었다. 떨어져있을 때 서로의 많이 나더라. 말을 많이 하고를 떠나서 제일 힘들 때 아플 때 가장 행복하고 신날 때 말없이 옆에 있어주는 사람이 소중한데 내게 창민이 그런 존재다”며 “브로맨스 케미 보여드리겠다”고 말해 기대를 높였다


Changmin: during that time, it was embarrassing, we couldn’t express (ourselves) well to each other, but in actually, during my time in the army, I reflected a lot on how much of a harsh and cold-hearted dongsaeng I was to Yunho hyung. I thought a lot on how I have to be good to Yunho hyung. When you go to the army, you become mature about (i.e. become aware of) how precious your parents or family are to you, so it was the case. It was a time where it became imprinted upon me as to how precious my family, my friends, Yunho hyung and fans are, once more.
He emphasised, “I will really treat our hyung well.”



the Video of Changmin’s talk:

[cr: 톱스타뉴스(TopStarNews.net): here , cut by @snxy]


Yunho: I want to congratulate Changmin on his discharge. We grew up a lot in the time that we were separated. I have said this a lot, but in my toughest times, saddest times, happiest times and most excited times, the person next to me is precious and it is Changmin who has that kind of existence to me. We will show our bromance. ”



stoo.com, Translated by @snxy: here,
Shared by TVXQ! Express


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