[VID/Trans] 170821 Tohoshinki for the TVXQ! ASIA PRESS TOUR in Tokyo! (Full ver.) (Part.2)

The video included in this post is the full version of the press conference in Tokyo.  {p/n: looking at the news, there seems to be extra session where reports presented their own questions, while this version seems to include only main question by MC Tsutsumi-san}




A fan re-upload of the full version can be found below {p/n: THE PAGE took down the full press version and uploaded a shorter one}

[cr: @banbimax218]


Below is a transcript of the press posted by Model Press as a news article: here

Please make sure to thank the translator for her amazing translation of this long conference \ (*・ω・*)/




Model Press “ Changmin has matured a bit” “Yunho has become a more reliable person” – The press conference revealed once again that the charm point of Tohoshinki is their down-to-earth and warm personality.

Yunho and Changmin of Tohoshinki had a press conference in Roppongi Hills in Tokyo on Aug 21 and announced that they will resume their artistic activities for the first time after two years of hiatis.

Changmin was discharged from his military duty on Aug 18th, and before completely resuming their activity together, they will have a press tour “TVXQ/Tohoshinki Asia Press Tour” in Korea, Japan and Hong Kong for two days, 21st and 22nd. The two wished that they want to visit these places and announce their future activities in a formal manner.

At the press conference, they revealed that they will have their third five dome tour including Sapporo Dome (starting on Nov 11, five places in total of 14 shows, expecting in total of 650,000 audiences) and this is the first achievement as foreign artists, and they will release an album to celebrate their coming back, “Fine Collection ~ Begin Again~” on Oct 25. This album contains in total of 40 songs: the total of 13 single songs, songs selected from the total of four albums, and three newly recorded old songs.

[Note: Tsutsumi-san was leading the press conference]

YH: I am Yunho of Tohoshinki. I am really happy that I can speak to you here. Thank you so much.
CM: I am Changmin of Tohoshinki. I am not so used to be in front of (many) people. Please be patient with me.

Q. Can you say something for greeting and tell us about how you feel now?
YH: One more time, I am Yunho of Tohoshinki. I am really excited to see some of familiar faces. I did my best to perform on the stage at SM TOWN a little while ago, but it is much better to be with Changmin. I feel that this is the new start for us, so I want to talk to you all as much as I can although we have a limited time. Thank you very much.
CM: I am Changmin of Tohoshinki. I thought that I could take a day break after being discharged, but I couldn’t ^^; However, I am really happy that many people came to see us at our press conference for resuming our activities. Resuming our activities in Japan makes me feel somewhat secure.. or what can I say, I feel great to be here in front of you. Thank you very much.

Q. I heard that there is some big announcement from the two of you with regard to your new start.
YH: Because we are going to resume our activity, I wanted to announce “From now on, Tohoshinki is back to work!” in a proper manner. First of all, the thing that made me feel the happiest is that I can tell you about this with Changmin. And I heard that a lot of activities have been already arranged. Do you know that too, right? Oh, you do not know? Okay, we can talk about that later (^^).

I hope that we will have some opportunity to show how matured/advanced we are (through the planned activities) to you all here today. First of all, we will kick off a five dome tour at Sapporo Dome on Nov 11th. We plan to perform old songs that everyone loves but also I plan to show new Yunho.

Q. Wow, you will have a five dome tour! Amazing!
YH: Yes, it is amazing! Thank you!
CM: Also we will release a new album on Oct 25th. The title of the album is “Fine collection~Begin Again~”. We selected 40 songs that many of our fans love and among them, we have re-recorded three songs. I think this is a good news for our fans. I feel really excited to tell you about this myself.

Q: You spent some time apart, how have you been thinking about each other?
YH: For more than 10 years, he was always right next to me and did all activities together.. and we’d lived in the same house. But we were apart for nearly two years, and we’d thought about the other’s existence. When I was at the happiest or the saddest moment, when it was a difficult time… he won’t say anything but he stayed with me no matter how I was.. The way Changmin was to me .. I was not just grateful to him but also I strongly felt that he really is my family. This period of time being separated made me realized that. Also, during these two years, I thought that I need to mature more so that I could show Changmin who Yunho is.
Tsutsumi: I see.
YH: I have been waiting for this moment so long. Today, just looking at his face, the best thing is that Changmin has not changed much/Changmin is the Changmin that I knew of. But the positive thing is that Changmin seems to be matured and I thought that he is cool/sexy. Hahaha
CM: I just grew older.
YH: Hahaha
CM: I just aged.
YH: No, not at all.

CM: Yunho was like that from the beginning, but he became a much more reliable person. He is older than me and he is a leader of Tohoshinki, but.. he has been back to work four months earlier than me.. On the other hand, as I told you earlier, it has been only three days since I was discharged..it has not been even a week.
T: True. Not many days ago.
CM: When I looked at myself in the mirror, I still have not used to myself with such a short hair. I want to follow Yunho’s lead. In our family, Yunho is like my big brother who I can rely on. And I wish to say now that I am really grateful to him for being someone like that to me.

Q. Do you think that you have changed in these two years? Yunho-san please.
YH: Me first again? ^^;
Q: Okay, then, Changmin-san, please.
CM: My hair is really short now. I feel awkward about how I look. I also am not used to the camera shutter sounds that I also heard at the press conference in Korea this morning. I am not used to them yet. In fact, I am a bit scared.
The part that I think I have changed is that I started to become fond of reading like newspapers, books, or whatever writings. And recently, I feel that .. without me noticing, some people who are with me, for example, my family, Yunho, or our staffs and fans.. I tend to think that they are with me no matter what.. but they are really important people to me. In the last two years, I started to understand how important it is to me that they are always with me. I feel strongly that I need to be grateful to them for being like that to me.

YH: This may sound similar to what Changmin just said, but I knew that I have been loved by our staffs and fans a lot. And in these two years, I was not Yunho of Tohoshinki but as a person, I spent a lot of time facing myself. For example, I asked myself questions like, “What kind of path are you going to take?” “What color does Tohoshinki need to have/show?” It was really great that I had some time to talk to myself seriously. I used to say clearly/loudly, “Tohoshinki is passion! Tohoshinki will do all our best! We will focus!” Right now, instead of saying, I wish I could show how passionate I am through my action.

Q. At the tour two years ago, you performed some old songs. Can you tell us some about how your new stage will be?

YH: We do not have everything decided, but we feel that it is the most important to have a stage where we put all our souls/feelings in for our fans who have loved us all these years. I said once that I wish to have a live concert where everyone enjoys, but this time, I want to have a live tour where we can tell everyone how we feel and it will be wondeful that we can convey our dreams and hopes to our fans through our live performances.

CM: We will sing songs where we got a lot of love from our fans. So not just us past Tohoshinki but also together with our fans, we can experience our passion, sweat, tears in the same space through the same movements, and we can feel each other. I think our next live concert will be like that.

YH: Ah, I just remembered. I wanted to say a word, “Fusawashi-i” = appropriate, suited to
CM: Japanese is difficult, isn’t it?

Q. What are you looking forward to now?
YH: Well, I wish to sing and dance on stage in front of everyone as soon as possible, but ..for us, there are many good memories in Japan. We wish to be on many different variety/entertainment shows or programs, if we have opportunites to talk about previous Tohoshinki activities and our passion/enthusiasm in restarting, we want to do that asap.
CM: I anticipate that we will do many activities, but in person I am looking forward to our live concerts.
YH: Yes, it is the best suited to Tohoshinki.
CM: I saw YH performing “Drop” his solo song at SM TOWN on video, he was super cool even performing by himself. It was really good. I was really happy to see him like that, but I also felt that I wish to perform on stage too soon! so I want to be on stage with Yunho, do live performance and I also see our fans.

Q. Please give some message to Japanese fans with love.
CM: I am really grateful to you all that you have not changed and you waited for our return. I want to show the two of us putting all our efforts (in our activities) so that you won’t regret that the time while you waitied for us as waste. Thank you very much!
YH: I am a bit embarrased to say the same thing every time, but we can show you all clearly that “This is TOHOSHINKI!” Thank you so much for loving us a lot. This is the new start!

Q. (A question from TV Japn, Sukkiri!) The two of you, Tohoshinki and Sukkiri! had a few bowling games.
YH: We both lost. I remember.
Q. Unfortunately, Koji Katoh (MC) is not here right now as he is taking a summer break…
CM: Oh, I engy him! I want to take a break too. ^^;
Q. Eiji Wenz is watching this conference at the studio. Can you tell us your experience/memory of Sukkiri!?
YH: Oh, We have a lot. While we are competing to each other, I felt that they cared about us. Although we lost, we are powered-up in the last two years. We did our best so that we should win next time! If we have another opportunity, we wish to compete with them. Thank you so much!
CM: The time has passed and we all concern about our average age, so wish to win next time!
Q. In what (sports) do you want to compete with them?
CM: I am not used to the society so I want to have some time. In person, I wish to have a competition where the one who does nothing and stays spacey/absent-minded for the longest time, I am pretty confident that I will win. I just want to have some (free) time. Is this answer okay? w

Q. You have amazing singing voices, dance movements and physical figure beauty, can you tell us something that can be easily noticeable for your fans about you? Like you built your muscle.
CM: First of all, my hair is so short.. You just told me that they can notice at one glance. If they notice at once glance, .. then why do you ask? I want to ask them on the other hand (w). Well, when I have time, I went to gym and I also did practice in singing and dancing. But rather than these things, I think my feelings to appreciate other people like our fans have deepened, and I got matured. It is a bit embarrassing to say this myself, but I feel that I am getting mature about that.
YH: First of all, I lost some weight. I wanted to challenge myself in performance, so I shed some weight off. Except that I feel the same way as Changmin just said to you. About my attitude to our stage, i think more thoroughly/deeply, I think about the meaning of our stage to myself in depth/more seriously. Its really great that we talk about our feelings now but if you see us on stage directly, you will understand what we mean immediately.

Q. At last, can you give some messages to your fans?
CM: I really wish to start working and show you many different sides of us. But can you wait a little bit because I need sometime to let my hair grow 🙂 Singing, dancing.. we want to do activities so that we won’t make our fans worry/feel anxious anymore. Please give me some time until my hair grows a bit longer. w

YH: Today, I am really happy that we greeted you “We are Tohoshinki!” together with Changmin. And actually I have been wondering whether I should make the atomosphere of this press conference as super serious or easy-going while smiling/laughing/joking.. But I think the charm point of TOHOSHINKI is the down-to-earth warmth, so I mixed seriousness and jokes. From now on, we will keep our warmth and we make jokes on stage with everyone, but we wish to put all our efforts in our cool performance. I am truly greateful that everyone has waitied for us for such a long time. Please continue to give us a lot of supports.
CM (to the press): I really want to tell you that I am truly grateful to you all. Thank you so much!
YH: Thank you very much!


{t/n: so I found the part missing in the Modelpress transcripts:
Q. What kind of album is it? Re: new album
CM: The new album contains 40 songs that our fans love. Especially, those songs, we sing, laugh and cry together.. those are the songs that we have a lot of good memories together while we spend the same time/moment. And we have matured.. the way we sing.. how we pronounce JPN words, and our feelings.
We want to show you all about these things and that is the reason why we re-recorded the three songs. I wanna say that we are proud of the new album and I think we can make our fans happy with it. Well, it has been only three days.. (so I can’t talk well)..
YH: You speak Japanese much more fluently than me! This is the album where we put all our hearts in.






Video by THE PAGE(ザ・ページ),
re-uploaded on Daily motion by @banbimax218,
Transcript at Modelpress,
Translated by @beriko0214: 1, 2, 3 and 4,
Posted and Shared by TVXQ! Express

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