[VID/Trans] 170822 TVXQ! at the TVXQ! ASIA PRESS TOUR in Hong Kong at Stars Atrium, Plaza Hollywood

TVXQ! at their last stop for the press tour~

[cr: 魔方全媒: here, Translated by @snxy: here]






[cr: 520stars2 – 韓日台人氣明星資訊網]


@ 5:16 :
MC said since Changmin was in the police with Siwon & Donghae and seemed to fit well, would there be future collabs with them?
Changmin: tho he’s thankful people liked them & he enjoyed it but most of all, he likes performing with Yunho hyung as TVXQ the most. Those collabs can be done with Yunho hyung too

[cr: Toby413, Translated by @snxy]



A Livestream recording: here


[cr: @tvxqismyway ]





(Live stream based) Reporting and Translations by @snxy:

{t/n: i’m trans directly from stream from korean/cantonese and it’s quite muffled so pls excuse any errors/typos.}

  • hahaha there are fans shouting their names but there’s a fanboy that is very energetically shouting jung yunho.
  • fans at the venue say that the sound stuff were watching tvxq’s why video on their screen~ hehe. perhaps it’d be shown?
  • there are fans shouting their names but there’s a fanboy that is very energetically shouting jung yunho.
  • they are out in the waiting area, seems they are surprised to see the number of fans.
  • can you hear the fanboy? lol he just shouted u-know yunho choikang changmin
  • MC is asking everyone how they are doing. and introducing tvxq’s asia press tour.
  • MC called them “Asia’s Best Stars, TVXQ!!”
  • so cute, tvxq greeting in the traditional chinese way
  • yunho greeted in chinese and he said hello everyone again in cantonese
  • it SOUNDS like changmin spoke cantonese also.. hello everyone
  • yunho is saying he has nervous as it’s been a long time since he’s been back in front of fans, also in hongkong
  • changmin is thanking fans for waiting all this while for them (— couldn’t hear the first part ><)
  • they have been looking forward to coming to hongkong since it’s been a long time. yunho talking abt sm station songs to come in sept
  • yunho talking abt the need to wait a bit more for their new stuff (album, events etc) in the midst of preparations. and hope fans will enjoy
  • the host said aren’t they especially handsome today (tvxq) lolol.
  • are there places they wanna go in HK: Changmin- places w delicious foo, more than anything, places? to meet fans directly w yunho hyung …?
  • changmin talking about tvxq’s your present: stages; event to repays fans’ love, for waiting unchangingly during the time apart;
  • changmin also said i miss you in chinese. lol. and they are talking about future activities. both are talking about acting in dramas..
  • junior singers they r watching over: changmin- in any case, still from same agency juniors: red velvet, exo, nct..
  • will tvxq have a concert in hongkong? yunho: yes, they will work hard to quickly meet fans here
  • future activities post discharge. yunho: sept TVXQ week – (sm station solo songs); variety programmes(!!); live for fans (re: your present)
  • yunho: seeing juniors who look up to us (tvxq), makes us feel we have to work hard to be better as seniors for them
  • yunho: to meet fans here like this aft a long time, was surprised to see so many fans who came, thank you for coming
  • yunho: rly good to have such a time to spend with you all. sorry it’s such short time. but will have more opportunities in future. thank u
  • changmin: thank u to fans for coming here to meet us. gd to be here to spend this time, see every1, will work hard to meet w cool appearance
  • TVXQ greeted fans in cantonese, yunho said he felt the love frm e moment he was at the airport; changmin knows hk has a lot of Delicious food but he had wanted to meet with fans the most. It’s the last press con but he’s happy to meet w fans. Upcoming con will Concerts/shows) will have a lot of interaction with fans and include a lot of songs 3/3

Hongkong Press Conference summary:

Changmin had been discharged last Friday from his service as a conscripted policeman, and after two years, had come to Hongkong. This is also the first time after a few years that both Changmin and Yunho have come to Hongkong together. As such, there was about 1000 fans who gathered since morning to wait for the two handsome male gods. About 7pm, the two members who were dressed in black attire arrived at the venue, immediately arousing fans’ loud screams. Later on, they greeted in Cantonese. Changmin confessed to fans that he had missed them a lot, and that when he saw the fans and media’s enthusiastic reception, he was moved to the point of goosebumps. Yunho in a side voice, said that he was feeling nervous yet very happy, as he could feel fans’ enthusiasm even from when he had arrived at the airport. Separately, Yunho and Changmin also announced their official comeback activities. First, on Sept 25, Yunho will release Drop via SM (Station *) and film a MV for it. Changmin said he didn’t have many plans yet but that he would also be releasing a solo on Sept 29. With regards to an album, they are in the midst of preparing for it and it is planned for release at the beginning of next year so they hoped everyone would anticipate it. Also, Yunho expressed that they could be meeting with everyone through variety programmes. And on shooting dramas, Changmin said he didn’t have any plans for that yet since they had not met with fans for 2 years, so he would focus fully on doing activities as TVXQ and interacting with fans more. ‬


[cr: 魔方全媒: here, Translated by @snxy: here]






As we indicated above in the post,
Compiled and Shared by TVXQ! Express


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