[Fancams/Fanacc] 171001 TVXQ! Special Comeback Live – YouR PresenT – in Seoul at Jamsil Arena

Today’s the second and last day of TVXQ! Special Comeback Live – YouR PresenT – in Seoul at Jamsil Arena! It’s a show where the boys both performed songs and enjoyed long talks with the fans ❤️, and Yunho informed us that the show was sold out!! show seems to be similar to yesterday’s~
Among the audience, fellow label mates Super Junior’s Leeteuk, Donghae and Eunhyuk and SHINee’s Minho came to support their seniors!

Welcome Back TVXQ! Thank you so much for your precious presents ❤️❤️
and the fans did an amazing job at the self-organised fan chant project (here) for the encore this day, as well as with the organised balloon event~

Today’s Red Ocean:

Flash lights during Rise:

[cr: photos by @dog_ear_TT]


Then, a fan-project (organised by staff) during You’re My Melody:

[cr: photos by @YODMANOODlllll]

Songs List:

-Intro VCR-
너의 남자 (Your Man)
-MC- : Comments on past photos; Present #1 (catch dolls)
Here I Stand
In a Different Life
How Can I (믿기 싫은 이야기)
항상 곁에 있을게 (Always With You)
-MC- : Present #2 (Drawing); Present #3 (Letter to Cassiopeia (and each other)) 
넌 나의 노래 (You’re My Melody)
-VCR- : Changmin eating; Yunho at gym; TVXQ’s rehearsals
I Don’t Know
Why? Keep Your Head Down
Catch Me
-Ending MC-








[cr:  @uncommon_yh|uncommon yunho]




[cr: 유노윤호 대]


  • Yunho dancing to Sunmi’s Gashina (Punishment for the game)


  • Yunho dancing to Sunmi’s Gashina: here
  • Changmin dancing to TWICE’s Signal: here
  • Fans chanting for encore: here

[cr: @Bewith_TVXQ: here |  神之再起_BewithTVXQ]


  • Red ocean
  • Something


  • Mirotic

  • Changmin dancing to TWICE’s signal

  • Yunho drawing Changmin, and Changmin acting cute~

  • Yunho’s message to Changmin

  • Ending of You’re My Melody( 넌 나의 노래) where everyone is holding coloured balloons and singing along

  • Catch me


[cr: @sakuramichis ]


  • Yunho who had to dance Sunmi’s Gashina two times (featuring Changmin each time pretending he was shot at the heart hahaha)

  • Changmin dancing to TWICE’s Signal (for two times, as well hahaha)

  • Ending


[cr: @close2T]



  • Changmin dancing to TWICE’s signal

  • Ending


[cr: @kiyomin218]



[cr: @Hasanah28]




[cr: @ansaram618 ]




  • Changmin dancing to Twice’s

[cr: @PinkyCrystar]


Today’s red ocean

[cr: @MomiSat53]




  • Yunho drawing Changmin, and Changmin sending fans hearts > w <


[cr: @honggu1226]



[cr: @onsim_1226]


  • Yunho and dancing to Gashina and Changmin to Signal




[cr: @dog_ear_TT]


  • Rise


[cr: @Lamant_TVXQ]




Fanaccount by (and translations) @snxy :

  • 10/1 #TVXQ #YouRPresenT Sold out items

    [cr: photo by @OreoKong]
  • lol lg twins is playing right now. Wonder if changmin knows.
  • 1/10 3층30구역
  • 10/1 New fanprojectTVXQ #YouRPResenT – switch off fanlights during You’re My Melody and raise the balloons placed behind each seat
  • 1/10 Red Ocean #TVXQ #YouRPResenT
  • No high -five but a pat on back of Yunho as they crossed during Your Man . Yunho did aegyo to camera ㅋㅋ
  • ㅋㅋㅋㅋ yunho again mentioning his red underwear as it’s the colour of cassiopeia
  • Yunho and changmin mentioned lee teuk, donghae, eunhyuk and shinee’s minho are here ^^
  • Pic of the visiting sj and shinee members showed on screen and fans were peeking at them and Yunho was like FOCUS HERE tsk
  • They talking abt each other being strengths to each other etc and Changmin said let’s fighting and bumped fists with Yunho
  • Yunho saying they had wondered if ppl (media) wld come for their press tour but many ppl did and he felt ah so TVXQ hasn’t died!
  • ㅋㅋㅋ #TVXQ #YouRPResenT
  • Yunho spelt out p-r-e-s-e-n-t and fans were like wow changmin: your english is good Y: why r u all like tt i’m gd! (in eng) hello everyone!
  • Toy picking machine. Changmin starts first and has failed his first two tries ㅋㅋ
  • Changmin caught one on his last try: a yunho-signed one
  • Yunho failed again (he keeps insisting on picking pink) lol. Tbfair, he nearly picked up two. ㅋㅋ fans shouted its ok
  • Yunho picked up a mission, changmin grabbed it, yunho held onto changmin’s head cos he didn’t want it lolol
  • Yunho – girl group dance – he danced Sunni’s Gashina

  • Changmin danced Twice’s signal.
  • Yunho finally got the pink toy that he wanted after 6 tries in total lolol changmin gave him a side hug
  • Btw boy is next to me (think his gf made him come) and he was like wow wow at yunho dancing gashina. like so sexy
  • Wow both of them can become baseball pitchers. Both managed to throw toys all the way frm the stage to the 2nd floo
  • Lol yunho asked changmin not to draw the same drawing as yest (his drop + ripped pants self) ㅋㅋ
  • Lol when we were singing along to here i stand, the boy next to me could only sing “here i stand by you!” And kept repeating it
  • Yunho’s pose is a gun pose facing changmin hahahahaah
  • Yunho is posing with the gun pose staring straight at changmin /hence fans are squealing) with his red beret.
  • lol changmin who is drawing is saying yunho is handsome
  • Changmin basically drew Yunho in the outfit (grey top blue pants with his red underwear showing) 🤣🤣🤣💯💯💯
    It’s just the same drawing as yesterday but with a different outfit (today’s)
  • Changmin’s pose is the spiderman homecoming one like this but with hand in web pose 🤘🏻
  • Yunho said it’d be good if changmin does more aegyo as it suits him well he just did it by scrunching up his face and doing a finger heart?
  • Changmin just did two finger hearts and a rectangular gesture
  • Wow yunho’s drawing is lkke the face frm yesterday but the pose is there!! He actualy drew it well today!!!! Even the hand gesture 🤘🏻 is sort of there (looks more like) 👍🏻 but really lolol well done yuncasso
  • Lolol. Yunho picked a fan at e floor area and the fan looked in disbelief. So yunho asked in a gentle voice, u don’t believe it? r u kr? In case she didn’t understand him. ;;
  • Changmin got a fan on the 3rd floor. FINALLY. (Ofc nt me lolol)
  • Changmin smiled, did a thumbs up and a finger heart to yunho after he read his letter to him
  • Yunho went over to shake Changmin’s hand and hug him
  • Yunho thanked fans for being w them since 12/26/03, forbeing w them thru sad & happy times & frm lowest to highest places. Then he bowed.
  • Thank you for helping make u-know yunho and the person jung yunho. ;;;;
  • 10/1 #TVXQ #YouRPResenT during You’re My Melody Fanproject balloon success (every area had diff colours) ^_^
  • While doing sit-ups, Yunho grunts out “changmin, are you eating..” // flash to Changmin eating “i am happy hyung captions”
  • Changmin said as yunho has been working hard exercising, his body has become nicer. When will there be an opp for him to show it..? 🤣
  • Fans shouting us “show us show us” and camera panned to yunho’s waist.
    Yunho: it’s not tt i don’t want to show you all but after you all saw my split pants, my clothes all got sewn up so i can’t show you. // 🤣
  • Yunho said it’s not the end, there’s still more to look forward to including concerts |~ he did a cute gesture and changmin copied him🤣
  • Tvxq called the dancers out for the commemorative photo this time and asked everyone to cheer we are T
  • A dancer (mihawk?) was side hugging w Yunho and Yunho said e dancer had chosen to forgo perf at another artiste’s concerts for TVXQ ;;
  • This dancer was Hyoje. As Yunho said: Until TVXQ resumed activities, he waited & didn’t perform for any other artiste. ;;;
  • 10/1 finale Beautiful lights for Rise #TVXQ #YouRPresenT no, you two are our presents

  • 10/1 #TVXQ #YouRPResenT ♥️♥️♥️ Yunho & Changmin, thank you

  • Yunho gave a shout-out to Shim Jaewon and staff. Gestured to Changmin to say a few words but he didn’t. Lol
  • 10/1 Yunho and Changmin walking around to say goodye to fans ;; #TVXQ #YouRPresenT fans shouted I LOVE YOU 사랑해 to them

  • Yunho: we will work hard to show you why we are TVXQ
  • They went down in the middle ofthe stage and both showed finger hearts. fans are shouting for TVXQ again
  • 10/1 Fans don’t wanna leave and are cheering for TVXQ #YouRPResenT

  • 10/1 On this picture, Changmin said this was TVXQ’s future; said he is always looking up to Yunho in this way ;;;

    [cr: fanaccount (not photo) by @iruka0206 ]
  • Our awesome Cavely: when Yunho came near in the truck, they held up Yunho slogans; when Changmin came, they switched to Changmin ones 💯👏🏻
    [cr: @0206yhken]
  • Yest Yunho’s letter was “to our pretty Chwangdollie”; today was “our nice chwangdollie” so Changmin said: i hope u’ll read as what is written [cr: @ryuda_t]
  • ㅋㅋ after they had finished the drawing segment, it was written on the monitor that they cld remove their berets. They read but didn’t. [cr: @ansaram618]
  • This pic came up during the talk:
    Y: tho e sky looked clear, it was raining heavily so they’d work rly hard.
    C: u mean a lot of PS?
    Y: yesㅋ
  • Fan who won Yunho’s drawing of Changmin (her bday was 9/30 so this was e best bday present for her). Said Y had eye contact & spoke to her (cos she was in disbelief so he thought maybe she didnt understand & asked if she was kr in a gentle tone ㅜ) also e fan that helped make e – singalong fan event for TVXQ #YouRPresenT (Hug 9/30 & Always With You 10/1) 👏🏻 & thanked e fans for singing

    [cr: @DC_TVXQ or DC TVXQ! Gallery]





Fanaccount by @joeylfy :

  • Today’s ticket queue number now at 11.05 am… 972
  • My view today… and there’s balloon on the chair… #YouRPresenT #동방신기WEEK

  • Spotted orange balloon and blue balloon so far, fan project? 🤔
  • Fan event today
  • Hmmm why did everyone blew up their balloon already… 😰😰
  • Day 2 let’s gooooo!

  • Changmin just winked during mirotic I died
  • Changmin make it a point to wave to everyone as he passed by on the cart including to 3rd flr awww
  • C: I’m someone who has debuted 14 years as maknae, Choigang Changmin
  • C said they released for seats today since the block that wasn’t open is opened today…
  • C talked about Y’s ripped pant again.. C: Y-hyung has brought a historical moment to us..
  • Y: Why red under? Because it’s a color that symbolized Cassiopeia…
    C: in such a deep area?
  • Minho eunhyuk donghae leeteuk is here today!
  • Everyone waved at them and Y went “it’s a TVXQ concert!!!!!”
  • C: Yunho-thing has never changed in these 2 years, still so passionate, so warm…
  • Y: We are starting now!!
    C: I’ve said it at vlive earlier, how many times you want to start again.. 🤣🤣
  • A picture of Changmin at Oktoberfest was shown.
    Y: You drank so much in the day?
    C: Ya..
    Y: You looked so happy…
  • (Pic of them on the boat where C was shirtless)
    C: It came at last. Actually there’s clothes, everyone can see we are wearing clothes right.
  • C: I asked stylist for clothes but stylist said you have the best one already what else do you want…
    (Good job stylist 👍🏻👍🏻)
  • C: We told staff we wanted to have this special live…
  • C: This chuseok hol is especially long, so hope everyone can spend a good time with family while watching us…
  • Y: Fan gives present to us, and fans are a present to us…
  • Plushie claw machine segment now. Changmin start first, first 1 failed
  • Second one fail too…lol
  • He finally caught a pink one with U-Know’s sign!
  • Yunho’s turn now!
  • Fail!
    C: Aigooooo
  • Second one failed too…
  • Failed… all failed. He squatted on the stage again heads on his knees … mission time…
  • Y took a mission and drop to the floor. Hahahahaha
  • Y need to dance girls group song!!!!! Again!!!!
  • Changmin gonna doooooo!!! B
  • Yunho really want the pink one but he couldn’t get. Twice failed…
  • Yunho finally got it!!!! And they shoulder bump!!!!!!
  • Changmin threw a plushie to a guy at A zone…..
  • Changmin to draw first….
  • C: It seems like everyone saying to pose like how you danced just now…(girl group dance)
  • They forgot the beret so C helped Y to wear it…
  • Hahahaha C drew Y in black shirt ripped blue pants and red under with red beret 🤣🤣
  • C said he’ll do a pose of a move he recently watched 🤣 (Spider-Man pose)
  • C sings while he posed lol
  • Y asked to the fans: when is C most sexy?
    1) When he’s shirtless
    2) When he danced to a girl group song
    3) When he does aegyo
  • Awwww Changmin did double finger heart ❤️❤️❤️❤️
  • He has a red beret… big red mouth… white t-shirt that says Max, blue pants lol
  • Y: It looked like you right?
    C: well, it does seemed like you poured more passion into it…
  • Y: B, row 15 … no. 9!!!! Ah no it’s the 8 next to you. Ah no it’s the 7 next to you!!! (She got C’s art)
  • Level 3, block 28 (the one next to me), no 7… row 10…
    she gets Yunho’s!
  • Y: I wrote the letter very seriously..
    C: I also did it seriously…
    Y: ah I can feel it…
  • Changmin gave Yunho a finger heart after Y’s done reading.. ❤️❤️
  • The letters are the same from yesterday…
  • They shoulder bump again after C’s finished reading!
  • C: I’m already at that age where others will call me ahjussi…
  • Yunho sat cross-legged as Changmin read his letter to Cassiopeia…
  • Like yday… C ended with “Saranghae” ❤️❤️
  • Y: I have now safely returned!!!
  • Y bowed to fans as he said thank you for waiting…
  • Y: TVXQ will go further, now it’s just the beginning.
  • Yunho and a Changmin switched seats~
  • Balloon fan event~ #YouRPresenT
  • Y: I will find a suitable time… to pull up my shirt… and show you…
  • C: There must be a reason we are not showing yet.. maybe not ready… not perfection yet…
  • Y: From drop all the way until now… I’m still alive… now it’s just the beginning!!!!!!
  • Y said hyoje rejected all other jobs for today… 😭😭
  • C said the balloon event was very beautiful~~~
  • Y: We will show everyone why we are TVXQ.
  • Fans not willing to leave …
  • Both of them did a finger heart as the platform brings them down…
  • Fans still doesn’t want to leave…

  • and that’s the end of this special live…
  • On the name “YouR PresenT” 🎈
    Your present – This is prepared as a present for the fans
    You “r” present – You all (fans) are present to TVXQ



Fanaccount by @bulbaseok:

  • tonight’s red ocean
  • They’re out for #Something! ^^
  • #Mirotic why are they so hot???
  • #ImYourMan Yunho ran out to his cart ㅋㅋ
  • Yunho got playful singing to the camera. Him biting his tongue is soooo cuuuuute.
  • 1st ment~ Greeting fans now.
  • Yunho wants us to be louder. xD asked why we aren’t loud.
  • Yunho says he just wants us to play around with them today.
  • Changmin says thanks for raising this magnae. ㅋㅋㅋㅋ
  • Yunho said they sold out tickets and SMent said not to talk about it but he doesn’t see why not. ㅋㅋ
  • Changmin said this isn’t a concert or a fanmeet but he wants to talk a lot with us at this special live.
  • Time for today’s Catch Up Talk segment.
  • Yunho brought up TVXQ week and is introducing Drop now. He mentioned the style and dance and message. Changmin said it’s an amazing message.
  • Talk about the red panties again. xD Yunho again repeating how he wore red coz of Cassiopeia.
  • “[Cassiopeia] is inside my heart. So [red] is also inside my clothes.” lmao
  • Changmin talking about A Different Light and how it was inspired by Your Name.
  • Oh Shinee Minho, SuJu Leeteuk, Hyukjae, and Donghae are here.
  • Talking about what has changed since they entered the military. Changmin again talking about wanting to care for people around him.
  • Changmin said Yunho came back just as warm and passionate as ever. He said he doesn’t mean in a bad way, just the way it is.
  • They fist bumped. Aw.
  • Picture slide show again.
  • Yunho asked who had come yesterday but the cheers weren’t that loud so he said he’d explain again.
  • Yunho said when they saw how many fans came for the press tour, he felt “TVXQ is still alive~!”
  • Mentioning the V-App broadcasts and Happy Together, Knowing Bro, etc.
  • Moving closer. Yunho says we need to be louder for them to know we want them to move closer.
  • Yunho keeps asking who knows what “your present” means. HE SPELLED IT OUT. xD
  • Changmin said Yunho’s English is good and Yunho said he’s good at English. He said “hello, everyone~” in English.
  • Time for the doll collecting event. ㅋㅋㅋ Good luck, Yunho.
  • Changmin is going first today.
  • Changmin failed his first try.
  • Oh no, Changmin failed again. Yunho said it’s always the pink one.
  • Changmin got a pink one! ㅋㅋ
  • Yunho said he will definitely get one today.
  • Yunho failed his first try. He really wants this pink one..
  • Yunho failed again. lol He said this game makes you feel really sorry.
  • Yunho is sulking on the ground again.
  • i was chanting “girl group dance” AND IT WAS RLY GIRL GROUP DANCE. and he did sunmi’s gashina. IT WAS MUCH BETTER THAN HIS ROOKIE DANCE
  • yunho said changmin really does girl group dances well.
  • changmin said since he did the mission, too, he should also get two chances. and he is gonna give them to yunho.
  • yunho failed again and is whining about why cant he get the pink one.
  • yunho failed again~ now chanting pink
  • YUNHO FINALLY GOT HIS PINK ONE ON HIS LAST TRY and he gets 2 more chances~
  • yunho is so proud coz he got one with two more chances.
  • they said today they are going to randomly throw the presents lol we won’t know when it’s coming, maybe even during a ballad
  • VCR starting
  • lol I was chanting “girl group dance” and the girl next to me was like “ooh~ good one. snsd?” and she couldn’t believe it either when it was really girl group dance. xD i’m just glad he prepared gashina. it suits him really well compared to rookie.
  • #ADifferentLife with Changmin and his guitar~
  • #믿기_싫은_이야기 now
  • #AlwaysWithU the shopping carts with dolls are out.
  • wow yunho throws the dolls rly far
  • was that during the vcr? im only listing the songs they perform. ^^;
  • Time for the TVXQ Drawing segment. They’re going to draw each other again and pick two lucky fans to receive it.
  • Yunho said Changmin drew him really well yesterday. With his red panties.
  • Yunho said he acknowledges Changmin drew him really well but he put a lot of effort into the details too.
  • Fans asking Yunho to pose like in Gashina. ㅋㅋ I was hoping for this, too.
  • qt
  • Changmin said Yunho is handsome.
  • Yunho started getting excited about it so Changmin told him to stop moving. xD
  • Changmin is done~
  • Changmin talking about Spider-man Homecoming and he is gonna pose like Spider-man.
  • changmin’s pose

  • yunho’s picture
  • yunho said changmin is really cute and full of aegyo
  • yunho is going closer to the person who got picked YUNHO DID THE PERSON NEXT TO U AGAIN TWICE. OMG HES SO MEAN
  • changmin said he wants to give the present to someone further away and picked someone in 3rd floor
  • changmin said the seat first and the row last ㅋㅋ
  • Time for the TVXQ Letters segment.
  • The letters are different? Yunho started this with “To our kind Changminnie,”
  • No the letters aren’t different.
  • ㅠㅠ Yunho’s letter to Changmin is still so touching listening the second time.
  • Changmin made a small finger heart at Yunho after Yunho finished his letter. Changmin’s turn. THIS SEXY MUSIC.
  • it’s time for the laughs xD changmin is so cute
  • changmin’s letter xD i cannot
  • they’re shaking hands and hugging after this letter. SO CUTE.
  • that p.s. i love you in changmin’s letter got me right in the heart
  • yunho said changmin’s letter was so funny and sincere, but his is more serious.
  • MyMelody now ㅠㅠ
  • We did our balloon event and they seemed very touched.
  • VCR Yunho at the gym about to kill me again.
  • #IDontKnow now
  • Drop is so amazing tho. I feel like Yunho keeps raising the bar so high in his solo performances.
  • Ment~ My throat is dead from screaming.
  • Changmin is saying bc Yunho worked out so hard, his body is becoming cooler, and there will be a chance for us to confirm it later. jfjfjf
  • Yunho said later he will show us and ask is how it is. hfhfjff
  • Fans chanting for him to show us now and he said he cannot bc he has so many clothes on so it’s not possible to reveal it all.
  • Fans directing the attack to Changmin now. ㅋㅋㅋㅋ
  • Last song. 😦 #KeepYourHeadDown
  • Encore chant and song again. But idk where the song is. lol
  • singing wound up more organized than Hug yesterday tho. xD
  • Encore time~ #CatchMe
  • Gosh it is really incredible how TVXQ’s choreo always looks so impressive.
  • Catch Me is seriously one of their best songs.
  • lol Heavy breathing. Catch Me wore them out.
  • Yunho said “this is the start” again xD
  • Changmin said they worried a lot more than expected while preparing for this but it was very meaningful and warm.
  • Yunho asked if we were satisfied and we said yes. He said but this isn’t all there is. They will do concerts and comebacks. ;;
  • Yunho said theyre going to invite dancers out for todays picture too bc they worked so hard
  • They mentioned our balloon project and asked to show the balloons again. awww
  • Really last song now. ㅠㅠ #Rise
  • Yunho said this event is called #YouR_PresenT but actually it isn’t so much that they gave us a present as they receive one from us.
  • Yunho thanked the fans who came from far away and fans sitting up far in the stands.
  • Yunho tripped a little walking back.
  • Yunho looks a bit… emotional. Bb~
  • Yunho’s eyes are bright~
  • Ocean during Rise



Fanaccount by @Bewith_TVXQ: here:

  • Yunho said this is when Changmin’s hair get wet. And said changmin has big eyes.

    Fans asked Yunho when do you think Changmin is sexy? Yunho said, when Changmin is being cute. Then Changmin did a cute pose





As we indicated above,
Compiled and Shared by TVXQ! Express

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