[Trans] 171006 TVXQ! YunhoXChangmin, So That’s Why They are MarriedCouple-shinki


TVXQ! U-Know Yunho X Choikang Changmin, So that’s why they are MarriedCouple-shinki

The two people who have made known that TVXQ has recently been discharged from the army, and returned as a complete unit, has- starting from their passion- shown that they are exceptional. In particular, U-Know Yunho said that he had ‘watched Happy Together 3 often while in the army’, and actively added, that they were now in an ‘age of appeal (i.e: 4th industrial revolution)’. It was to an extent that even Yoo Jaesuk who had been with TVXQ in many varieties before, was surprised.

The temperature difference between the U-Know Yunho who is overflowing with passion and the Choikang Changmin who is cool-headed caused a lot of laughter. Even so, the two people whose personalities are in stark contrast to one another, made their two’s bond felt.

First of all, Choikang Changmin shared an anecdote about how he had directly matched his break to the time of Yunho’s discharge in order to congratulate him. At the time, Changmin had, according to his own standard, said to a U-Know Yunho who had put on weight {t/n: according to Changmin’s standard}, that after “watching ‘Goblin’ (the drama 도깨비), I feel that Gong Yoo and Lee Dong-wook were really handsome. Let us grow handsomely like that with age.” At that, U-Know Yunho who is overflowing with passion, said “Why do we have to follow them? Let us be even more handsome as we grow older.” Choikang Changmin added “I think there is no need yet to have to surpass (them),” explaining the difference between the two’s personalities.

Also, Choikang Changmin mentioned the disaster that took place as a result of U-Know Yunho’s overflowing passion. It was when U-Know Yunho’s pants could not hold his overflowingly passionate dance and split on his first ever stage since his discharge. The more surprising thing was U-Know Yunho’s attitude after his pants had split. Even as his pants split, he danced as though nothing had happened. U-Know Yunho appealed on the passion behind his stage (i.e talked about in a rationalising way) “no matter what, my stage could not be stopped. If I got flustered, the concert-goers would have been flustered.”

However, it had been to the extent that because of U-Know Yunho’s passion that Choikang Changmin had even wanted to become a Super Junior member before. “I had wanted to temporarily get away from the passion and join the easy-going and fun-looking Super Junior.” At this, U-Know Yunho said, “There was pride that had been built up from being TVXQ so I was saddened by such words,” showing off the pride in TVXQ. Eventually, Choikang Changmin said, “I did my army service with Siwon and Donghae and even though the 3 of us played well together, as two (Yunho + Changmin), we had discussions on what we’d do and other such important issues, after discharge. Hence, even then I had the thought that our family was the best,” showing the brotherly affection in the family-like TVXQ.

Even for the dongsaeng Choikang Changmin who is always hoping for hyung to be handsome as well as U-Know Yunho who is always hoping for the best for the TVXQ that he and his dongsaeng are in together, though their personalities are different, the things that they desire for are the same. Without knowing it, it has been 13 years {t/n: 14 this year} since their debut, the time to come in the future that the two people would be spending together, is a proud bond that simply being connected for business or as friends cannot express fully. Although they are really incompatible (i.e: personalities), the two who cannot be without the other (i.e be the two of them – yunho and changmin – without the other), really fits the nickname of “marriedcouple-shinki” well.



엑스포츠뉴스 via naver,
Translated by @snxy,
Shared by TVXQ! Express

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