[INFO] 171011 Tohoshinki’s Why Appears in Billboard Japan HOT100 Twitter Rank with Upcoming Music Station!

東方神起 Why?[Keep Your Head Down] appeared on Billboard Japan HOT100 twitter rank for the week of 171016, probably due to fans excitement over the upcoming Music Station! It’s currently ranked at No.17 for the week of .


Yunho’s Drop was spotted there as No.16 for this week in terms of Twitter ranks (previous week No.11), and No.83 on Billboard Japan HOT100 overall for this week.

for the Download charts this week, Yunho’s Drop was ranked No.54~

Regarding Billboard Japan twitter ranking, the way we remember it, it seems to be related to fans (in Japan?) including hashtags of artist name and song title in their tweets! We are not entirely positive if they should be used as hashtags, or writing them down as text is fine, but including the artist and full title is important, for example, with Changmin’s, we think fans would need to write 여정 (In a Different Life) as well as writing down MAX and 東方神起 for the artists, just like how it is U-Know and Drop, for Yunho’s.

Then for upcoming release it will be:

どうして君を好きになってしまったんだろう?(Re-recording version)

Once again, please correct us if we were wrong~ ^^



Billboard Japan,
Post Written and Shared by TVXQ! Express


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