[Trans] 171018 「How to TOHOSHINKI ~CHANGMIN ver~」Part 4 (FINAL)

Please make sure to thank the translator for her continuous translation of this segment until the end \ (*^ω^*)/


How to TOHOSHINKI ~CHANGMIN ver~ part.4 (FINAL) video can be found: here, or:




T: The question is what is your ideal image of a man? I guess you will continue to mature and become more masculine…
CM: Yes, I should not take it for granted that I always have someone with me, rather I should make sure that I will protect/support them. For example, if a man has his family, he should protect/support his family. If it is about work, I should do my best. I think a man has some thoughts like that is ideal.
T: I see. That is your ideal man.
CM: Yes
T: Okay
CM: I want to be a man with such a warm heart and I think that this is an important aspect.
T: I see. That sounds really cool.
CM: Well.. thank you!
T: I guess I should work harder to become a man like that too.

T: Okay, on the other hand, is there anything that makes you feel nervous/anxious about your future?
CM: Well, I have many things that I worry about. Trust me, I won’t say this just because I want to make you laugh..but I worry about what I should eat for my breakfast tomorrow morning.
T: wwww
CM: Because today I worried about.. well I live alone and I cook sometimes… and ingredients for my dish – well like vegetables.. I worried about their expiration dates.
T: hahahaha
CM: Oh, that item is very close to be expired. Should I throw it away? Well,I should make some dish out of it before I throw it away.. I worry about something like that.
T: wwww I see, you worry about something like that.
CM: Well, for example, at 11 pm last night, I was alone.. and I should go to bed.. and I had to wake up early in the morning.. but I made Doenjang-jjigae (Fermented soybean paste stew).
T: hahahaha
CM: I really did not want anything to throw away.. I was not like this before but now I worry about something like that.
T: But I think it is really good that Changmin cooks for himself. I thought that wow Changmin! That is great!
CM: I get tired easily.
T: I think its great!
CM: Not everything is great!
T: You worry about expiration dates wwww
CM: Yes, I do.
T: Oh, is the expiration date today? Like that?
CM: Yes, yes.
CM: nothing interesting.
T: No, No everyone wants to know about you something like that.
CM: Thank you!

T: Well, well. I actually have more questions from Bigeasts for you.. but I think we are running out of time.
CM: Okay.
T: Thank you so much!
CM: My pleasure.
T: I think Bigeasts want to know more about you.. but .. okay before we end this interview, please tell us about your aspiration/ambition for the second half of this year and I also want you to tell something to Bigeasts.
CM: First of all, I am so happy to be here in front of you all after finishing my duty without any trouble/injury. I will see you all at our live stages. Until then, I need to prepare for many things and I will improve my Japanese so that I can speak Japanese more fluently. I will study Japanese harder. Of course, my hair will grow longer (laugh) and I will be better looking than now (laugh) to stand in front of you. I will do my best. So please wait for me a little while. I will see you soon! Thank you. Thank you for waiting for me.
T: Well Changmin.. you do not need to worry about anything. Your Japanese is great! You have kept your Japanese. You are really good at speaking Japanese.
CM: The last time I had the press conference, I really realized that I forgot some Japanese.
T: No, not at all. You are just fine! We were able to know what the two of you of Tohoshinki were thinking. You were able to communicate with us.
CM: I will work hard with Yunho-sensei.
T: Okay, you work hard with Yunho-sensei, www.
T: At last, .. well the last time, Yunho wanted to do “We are T!” but do you want to do it too?
CM: Ah, okay. Well it is like a ceremony.
T: Okay, should we do that?
CM: Yes
CM: Okay then I will make a closing greeting.
T: Okay, you can do that. I will follow you.
CM: Well, I will be looking forward to/dreaming about making new memories with you at live venues, and will work harder. Please wait for me. Okay, this is Changmin from Tohoshinki. We are
CM&T: T!
CM: Thank you!
T: Thank you!






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