[TVXQ! IG: VID/Partial Trans] 171030 TVXQ’s First Instagram Live with Yunho After Drama Meloholic Press Conference!

Yunho went live on TVXQ’s instagram on 6:30 KST! The first try the audio was not working so they stopped it and went for a 2nd try~



Currently, the live is available for viewing at tvxq.official (shows up with the stories),


or you can also watch it re-uploaded by fans below:

[cr: UltraTVXQ | @UltraTVXQ]


[cr: sn xy| @snxy ]

Partial Translations:

Translated by @snxy:

  • yunho is talking about his role / storyline of Meloholic. and he said if we watch it, we might become Holics, (addicted).
  • Yunho whispering (Nov 1st…is coming out)
  • Yunho says he’s going to a Vogue schedule after this.. a gala event with other SM artistes??
  • yunho says he wants to eat delicious food today but he can’t
  • Yunho gestured to the hyundai x sm logo behind him – he’s in the solati moving studio!!

{p/n: Back on 170725, a Hyundai Cars x SM Ent Collaboration of “Solati Moving Studio” was announced, where artistes/celebrities can use it for broadcasts-on-the-go

[cr: @DPK_135, Translated by @snxy]}

  • Yunho: I want to say more but I may get told off by Changmin and the manager and asked why I did so… //came to whisper// [cr: clip via @0206yhken]
  • Yunho: When I eat delicious things, it’s 0 calories! wwww [cr: clip via @0206yhken]
  • Yunho: to the people who have had a tough day today.. There’s a saying such as this: “The person who cries during tough times is third class; The person who is patient during tough times is second class; The person who smiles during tough times is first class”, it might be tough.. but I hope that you can have a good day today while smiling~ Until now, it has been TVXQ’s U-Know Yunho. [cr: clip via @shim_ls2v2]



  • Yunho: I wore red coloured clothes to talk to everyone. I was originally thinking of wearing white but chose red. I did well, right?ㅎ

[cr: @ansaram618]





Screencaps of the 1st live try~

[cr: @snxy]


Yunho trying to get the fans to hear him > w <

[cr: @ukeho]





and as indicated above,
Shared by TVXQ! Express


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