[Trans] 150730 TVXQ Revealed its Thoughts about Stage, U-Know Yunho Sends a Message to EXO


This is a translation of the same article we shared its headline before.



TVXQ revealed its thoughts about the stage.

U-Know Yunho gave reassuring advice to his juniors EXO by saying, “Enjoy! Consider yourself as the protagonist/ hero and the king while on stage!”, in a video that was recently unveiled prior to ‘SMTOWN THE STAGE’ premiere.
He also showed his affection toward the stage by saying, “Where ever I go, I add my own meaning ( to myself) about being confident/ powerful on stage. I could die right here with no regrets, and therefore I am happy.”

ChoiKang Changmin said, “The space we can feel only among ourselves is the stage. I feel the competition for ( of? ) mangy between the person that performs and the audience. Competing for energy between 70,000 ~ 75,000 people and 2 ( 70,000 ~ 75,000 vs 2) gives me a thrill all over my body.”
One could also get a taste of affection from TVXQ toward the staff members, that form the stage together.


“I think our stage shines with combined energy coming from the people that help us by our side, and the people that carry it into execution,” U-Know Yunho conveyed his appreciation toward the staff, that silently help his / TVXQ’s stage shine from behind the stage.

ChoiKang Changmin disclosed, “To be honest, there are times I want to do rehearsals half-heartedly. However, Yunho hyung is really hard at work next to me and I feel I should also work herd, seeing him like that.”

Lastly U-Know Yunho said, “I try not to forget my gratitude toward such moments as when I first agonized over why I had to go on this stage, the moment I wanted to be on the stage, and the fact that I could be on the stage,” displaying a side of his( quality) that always makes an effort trying not to forget his original intention.




news1 Korea via naver,
Translated by @holatvxq,
Shared by TVXQ! Express



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