[INFO/VID/Trans] 150128 TVXQ won 2014 GAON KPOP AWARDS for the 1st Quarter with TENSE

On 150128 at 2014 GAON KPOP AWARDS, Singer of the Year Award – Best Selling Record 1st Quarter went to TVXQ! with TENSE by selling 197,864 copies of the album.

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Their Repackage Album “Spellbound” ranked as the 5th, selling copies! (shown below with price)

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which means for just Tense and Spellbound, the total sales on 2014 is 4,155,144,000 + 2,634,362,500 won in sales = 6,789,506,500 won (~S$8,442,751.33)

Also, TVXQ!’s Something was ranked as #5 (digital) for the month of January!

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Video of TVXQ! comment on on winning the Singer of the Year award (they weren’t present at the ceremony):


Good evening, we are TVXQ.

YH: In 6 Jan 2014, we released the album TENSE, and we are really happy to see that we have received lots of love for the leading tracks of the album, “Something” and “Suri Suri”.
CM: The Gaon Chart K-Pop album for the 1st quarter this time, the Singer of the Year award…
YH: The Singer of the Year award?
CM: … is awarded to us. We are really grateful for it, thank you.
YH: It’s regretful that due to our current overseas schedule, we are unable to attend (the award ceremony) although we wish to be there.
CM: It’s regretful right…
YH: Although it’s very unfortunate, we are really glad to receive such a wonderful award. Thank you.
YH: To be able to receive this award, it’s due to the support that we received from all of Cassiopeia. As such, I would like to give the honor of this award to all of Cassiopeia.
CM: Henceforth, we will continue to work hard to present our cool figure and wonderful activities of TVXQ.

So, this has been TVXQ.



Info by @hollelujah via @snxy and by @snxy
Video Cut by 아이유
Video KR-JP Translation by @ymamylim
Video JP-EN Translation by @joeylfy of TVXQ! Express
Posted and Shared by TVXQ! Express

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