[News-Soompi] 150501 SM Entertainment Clarifies that Yunho’s Enlistment Date is still Undecided


SM Entertainment Clarifies that Yunho’s Enlistment Date is still Undecided


[Updated] TVXQ’s Yunho to Enlist in the Military in August?


SM Entertainment has clarified that Yunho’s enlistment date is still undecided and emphasized that as they said earlier a few weeks ago, his enlistment will definitely be this year and he will enlist as an active duty soldier.

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{p/n: SM Statement above was a response to the earlier news articles korean media reported below}



TVXQ’s Yunho to Enlist in the Military in August?

News of legendary idol group TVXQ’s Yunho‘s military enlistment has arrived.

According to a number of associates in the industry, the talented singer-dancer-actor is planning on enlisting to the military in August. Born in 1986, Yunho is required to enlist before the end of the year.

In the last leg of their most recent five-dome 10-year anniversary concert tour “Tohoshinki Live Tour 2015 ~WITH~” in Japan, he had mentioned that his enlistment is approaching, saying to his Japanese fans, “This will be the last time I will be able to see you at a solo concert in a while.”

Recently, Yunho was cast in the web drama “I Order You,” and is getting ready to film. He will begin to film in May, and starting in the middle of June, 16 episodes will air. It seems that he will start to get ready for his enlistment as soon as he finishes the filming.

Meanwhile, on April 30, TVXQ announced two encore concerts in Seoul for June 13 and 14, “TVXQ! SPECIAL LIVE TOUR – T1ST0RY – & …!” The concert promises to continue ‘another story’ of TVXQ. As this is most likely TVXQ’s last chance to meet their fans at a solo concert before the members’ enlistment, the concert is expected to be a meaningful time to be shared with a number of passionate fans.

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English News by Soompi: (SM statement Source: Star News, rest Sources: hankooi and 10Asia)
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