[PIC] 150527 Cover and a Preview Photo of Yunho’s Upcoming Japanese Mini Album 「U KNOW Y」have been Revealed!!


Avex has updated the news post with preview photo and the cover, no changes in the details of the mini album:




Mini Album Details have been previously posted here




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[VID/Partial Trans] 150526 Tohoshinki were Mentioned in Kurosawa-san’s Episode for JP Show “Konya Kurabete Mimashita”


Jump to 34:53-36:08 to watch it:



Partial Trans: (click on the tweet for the cut)



Kurosawa-san: i don’t see Tohoshinki in a sexual way. Goto-san replied but she does want a kiss right




Video by てみました今夜くらべ
Tweet Video by @sayu_urin33
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[Instagram/VID] 150525 Yunho’s Congratulatory Video Message to Tmon79’s Niece for her 1st Birthday~


Once again, lucky little Byul, Tmon79’s niece, gets a message from Yunho! Yunho has previously recorded a message for her last year .
This time it is her 1st birthday!






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[Instagram] 150526 A Peek at Changmin’s Lee Yoon (?) in Actor Lee Joon Gi’s Instagram


Actor Lee Joon Gi updated his Instagram with a dramatic photo of “Scholar Who Walks the Night” filming!

Fans think the tall actor on the right might be Changmin~





EDIT (150624):

seems like neither of them is Changmin as we thought first:




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