[Trans] 150502 ‘Ode to My Family’ Director Yoon Je-Kyoon’s “Vogue Japan” Interview on Yunho


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`Ode to My Father’, a film in which TVXQ’s Yunho, who also has an active career as an actor, makes an appearance, opens May 16th. Director Yoon Je-Kyoon has responded to our interview during his recent visit to Japan.


TVXQ’s Yunho, whom Vogue Japan has covered many times in the past. debuts on screen (with ‘Ode to My Family’). Though he plays a cameo role that appears briefly, his outstanding presence gives a long-lasting impression. This would owe to the fact that he has been steadily honing his skills as an actor, recently through dramas such as `Queen of Ambition’ and ‘Night Watchmen’s Journal’.

Yunho gives an impassioned performance as famed Korean singer Nam Jin, using dialect. The protagonist Duksoo meets Nam Jin during his dispatchment to Vietnam, and becomes a lifelong fan of his. Amidst the solemn historical background that is the Vietnam War, the mood of the film lightens up in an instant as Nam Jin appears, with his jokes and sprightly use of dialect. We first asked the director about Yunho, who was given the role of such a charming character.




 “Casting Yunho was truly a wise decision.”


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[VID/Partial Trans] 150501 Changmin’s Cut in KBS’s “Fluttering India” Episode 04


last episode of “Fluttering India”, translation also include Changmin’s signed written message for the show~






Partial Trans:


Via/Translated by @snxy:

  • TVXQ’s picture appeared in a fan’s msg in Fluttering India RT : 인도팬 메세지에 우리사진있다고 우리사진도있어~ 라며

  • last ep of Fluttering India – the cast meet to eat after their return from India and Changmin appears. F:tagged