[Instagram] 150502 (PDT) Waiting Backstage, TVXQ! are watching Mayweather-Pacquiao Boxing Match Live!!


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While waiting backstage, TVXQ! are watching Mayweather-Pacquiao Boxing Match Live!!

You could see Yunh on the left corner, and on Yunho’s left side, the one with the white tank top standing behind a staff, is most probably Changmin!







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[Fanacc] 150502 Lucky Fans Met Changmin in a Vietnamese Restaurant Yunho Visited Yesterday, Their Signatures were Founded There

These are  fanaccounts of two chinese fans on 150502 PDT (Shared ob 150503 KST), we will only share their translated fanaccounts on their encounter with Changmin and staff in a Vietnamese restaurant called “PHO 24” in LA, that Yunho happened to visit yesterday as well.

 The fans took photos of the boys signatures at the restaurant, but they didn’t mention whether TVXQ left them there in this recent visit or if they are from a past trip (cr: @tvxq_et_moi)



Fanaccount by 二豆_:

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[Fanacc] 150502 A Lucky Kpop Fan got TVXQ to Sign her an Autograph and also Shake Hands!


Yunho wrote in his signature to the fan: “have a good day” in English ^^



  • Can’t believe got interaction with TVXQ babies yesterday
  • Sobsobs yesterday was soo great…got to see TVXQ and got HoMin signatures and also got handshake from both of them 😍 Still in shock about it since managers and staff are pretty strict Dx Maybe it helped I was the only one with them ;A; and Changmin shaking my hand with both his hands imm o <-< lol Yunho spelled my name Onataly 😂 so cuteee💕

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