[Instagram/Trans] 150513 TVXQ!’s Bodyguard on the Duo’s Busy Drama Filming, Giving them his Support~


TVXQ!’s famous Bodyguard Hyun Myunghwan, known between fans as papa bear or Mama CQ, posted on his instagram supporting TVXQ in their solo activities~






Hyun Myunghwan’s Instagram (),
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[Trans] 150512 Actor Joo Ji-Hoon Briefly Mentions Yunho in his Movie Interview



Actor Joo Ji-Hoon was interviewed for his upcoming movie 간신 “The Treacherous” & in answer to a question about a mask dance scene at the end & whether he had danced it himself. He said he didn’t and also mentioned that

“Naturally, ppl who r tall like me find it difficult to sing and to dance; so I think that ppl like Rain and U-Know Yunho are great.”




The Hankook-ilbo,
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[Fancam/Trans] 150512 Lee Joon Gi Mentioned Changmin at his Birthday Fanmeeting


Lee Joon Gi, Changmin’s co-actor at “The Scholar who Walks the Night”, showed a screencap of a kakotalk with Changmin and other cast in his birthday fanmeeting




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