[Headlines/Fanacc] 150516 “Let’s Meet at the International Market” on Japanese Theaters Starting Today!


Japanese News Headlines:

  • “Let’s Meet at the Intl Market” Tohoshinki’s Yunho’s presence is more than imagined [cr: Yahoo! Japan]
  • Introductory column on “let’s meet at the international market” in Nikkan Sports today~ Embedded image permalink
    [cr: via @kumi_tvxq0206]

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[NOTICE] We have Posted TVXQ! Express Website Rules! Please Check them~



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[Fanacc] 150516 Fanaccounts on Yunho’s Filming “I Order You” Today



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[DVD] 「Bigeast FANCLUB EVENT 2014 THE MISSION III 」- “Bigeast Group Jumping Rope” Mission Cut (141106)


This’s a cut of  the “Bigeast Group Jumping Rope” mission from the main「Bigeast FANCLUB EVENT 2014 THE MISSION III ~Reclaim the Lost Coin~ 」DVD. The DVD release contains a full recording of Round 1 on 141106 that took place in Yokohama Arena (it also has extra footage from the other days).


please enjoy!



Summary of this Mission:

The mission was to be cleared after both the Bigeast Team and the Continue reading

[Twitter/Trans] 150515 On the Expected Financial Impact Due to Yunho’s Enlistment on AVEX, and Tohoshinki Strong Impact on Japan’s LIVE Scene


On the Expected Financial Impact Due to Yunho’s Enlistment on AVEX:




saw avex’s IR (investor relations?) materials; it is expected that due to TVXQ’s Yunho’s enlistment [in 2016 from management /live (concerts), the reduction in large-scale concerts, music album sales to lead to drop in sales] expected 10.3 billion yen, 5.5 billion yen reduction in sales respectively.





Also, for the tweets of (Ticket Street) Co-founder on tohoshinki effect, that we have posted previously, here’s another Translations of the tweets :



jpn ticketing site co-founder on tohoshinki in japan’s live scene / impact of hiatus:

Japan ticket-reseller site co-founder Kei Nishiyama tweeted that in the next fiscal year, because of Continue reading

[Instagram/PIC/Fanacc] 150515 More on Yunho for “I Order You”, Overnight Filming, the Set and a Kiss Scene!

at Bukchon Hanok Village,


the instagram account bellow belongs to a makeup staff, it seems like they were still filming in early morning of 5/15





[cr: , via @akapitvxq7 and @snxy]



Another Staff, on the overnight filming




hello~ everyone’s in e midst of working hard filming thru e night


[cr: , Translated by @snxy]




“FLada”/cafe”Atelier FLada” based on Books Cooks
First shooting was 2d1n long



[cr: 북스쿡스 via @snxy]



account of a person who spotted the filming:


They were filming a takeout scene in the cafe ^^ pretty neat!



Got to see the filming of a new sbs drama due to air in July, this guy played a minor character in “the heirs” and a member of tohoshinki was hiding inside ^^




[cr: ]



More Fanaccount, a Kiss Scene:




yunho shot a kiss scene dozens of times. cannot describe the emotions …………. ok brain stopped at that part.


[cr: @yun02min, Translated by @snxy]




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[News-Kpop Herald/Trans] 150515 SM World Tour Documentary, Titled “SMTOWN THE STAGE”, to Release this Summer


English News by Kpop Herald:


SM world tour documentary to release this summer


(SM Entertainment)

A documentary film featuring an annual world concert tour by K-pop artists managed by SM Entertainment will open in theaters of South Korea, Japan and China this summer, the entertainment agency said Friday.

The film titled “SMTown the Stage” followed the fourth edition of the event that took the agency’s biggest artists such as Kangta, BoA, TVXQ, Super Junior, Girls’ Generation, SHINee, f(X) and EXO, to Seoul, Tokyo and Shanghai and other Asian cities from August to October last year.

Since 2008, artists signed by SM have performed in major cities around the world, including Los Angeles, New York, Paris, and Beijing.

Viewers can see the artists’ performances as well as rehearsals, backstage videos and interviews in the film, according to the agency. (Yonhap)


[cr: Kpop Herald]



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