[Trans] 150501 The author of “I Order You” professing her knowledge of Yunochef and her Excitement as a Yunho Fan!


the author of ‘i order you’ professing her knowledge of yunochef and her excitement as a yunho fan!

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and one other exciting info, just in!
i assume some of you may have already heard from the news.
‘i order you’ will be made into a web drama starring jung yunho and kim ga-eun!! wow!! shooting will begin in may, and the drama will be released first through naver, then aired on sbs plus.
Yunochef!! Yunochef!!
Aside from being the author, i have high hopes as a fan(with a fangirl’s heart-fan心) Continue reading

[VID/Trans] 150501 TVXQ!’s Invitation for ”School OZ” (Korean+Japanese Versions)


  • Korean ver.




TVXQ Message for SM’s School Oz Musical
TVXQ: Hello, this is TVXQ’s U-Know Yunho and Choikang Changmin. Welcome to SMTown Theatre!
Changmin: As seen, right behind me is the hologram musical, School Oz, which I am Continue reading

[News-The Korea Times] 150501 They’re here! Flurry of KTMF Stars Arrive in LA


For TVXQ, this year marks their third KTMF appearance after performing in 2008 and 2004. (Park Sang-hyuk / The Korea Times)


By Tae Hong

A flurry of stars arrived at Los Angeles International Airport’s international terminal Thursday for the 13th Korea Times Music Festival.

Enthusiastic fans gathered to greet artists, whom they will see live at the Hollywood Bowl on May 2.

Arrivals included TVXQ, EXID, Kim Bum-soo, Bada, Kim Yon-ja, Oh Seung-geun, Heejun Han and Kim Soo-hee.

The annual festival is a Los Angeles mainstay for both fans and families and the first Korean music celebration of its kind in the United States.

fans, ktmf, tvxq

Enthusiastic fans gathered to greet TVXQ. (Park Sang-hyuk / The Korea Times)



K-pop has proven infectious in these parts, Continue reading

[News-Soompi] 150501 SM Entertainment Clarifies that Yunho’s Enlistment Date is still Undecided


SM Entertainment Clarifies that Yunho’s Enlistment Date is still Undecided


[Updated] TVXQ’s Yunho to Enlist in the Military in August?


SM Entertainment has clarified that Yunho’s enlistment date is still undecided and emphasized that as they said earlier a few weeks ago, his enlistment will definitely be this year and he will enlist as an active duty soldier.

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{p/n: SM Statement above was a response to the earlier news articles korean media reported below}

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[Eng Sub-KBSWorld] 150429 “Fluttering India” Episode 01 (Full) (KBS Broadcast on 150410)

KBS World, the TV Official English Channel of KBS has aired the 1st episode of “Fluttering India”, which was first broadcast on 4/10, in English subtitles fully






KBS World TV,
Shared by TVXQ! Express

[Instagram/Twitter] 150430 Shim Jae won Shared the [ TVXQ! SPECIAL LIVE TOUR – T1ST0RY – &…! ] News on his SNS Accounts




Translation of Instagram Post:

I tried. I’ll try a little more &..!-





On his twitter, he retweeted a fan (@UltraTVXQ) mentioning him about Continue reading

[VID/Trans] 150430 Actor Park Chul-Min on U-Know Yunho (SBS Morning Wide 별에세 ON 그대 4/30)


Actor Park Chul-Min on U-Know Yunho (SBS Morning Wide 별에세 ON 그대 4/30)


for video click here


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On the person he is most grateful towards:
I have always been grateful and sorry towards Yunho. He is always in my mind. He is a junior that I met through working on a drama. This young friend, on one hand, was a small connection that (I had) met through a drama but it (this connection) has not been let go of to the end, and in times of difficulty, giving me strength. While on holiday, he called me and said ” Sunbaenim (senior), fighting. Please eat a lot of delicious food and always take care of your health.” With some juniors, every word feels like mere formalities but Continue reading