[VID] 150525 Preview of Yunho’s Interview for JP Show “Korea Love” Next Week Episode about “The Night Watchman’s Journal”


Preview of Yunho’s interview for Japanese show “Korea Love”‘s next week episode about “the Night Watchman’s Journal”






Video by BANBI☆MAX,
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[INFO] 150525 Bigeast Limited: YUNHO from Tohoshinki SOLO MINI ALBUM 「U KNOW Y」 Release has been Decided (2015/7/8)!

Bigeast Shop limited:  YUNHO from Tohoshinki SOLO MINI ALBUM「U KNOW Y」 release has been decided (2015/7/8)!

Mini album to include his solo Japanese songs from Tohoshinki live Tours and Fan club events, in addition to 4 new songs: Burning Down, Tattoos & High Heels, BANG! (korean ver) and Santa Revolution (korean ver).

※ The mini album will be sold only in Tohoshinki official fan club 「Bigeast」 members limited shopping website


【Bigeast official shop limited edition】 (limited quantities)
2015.07.08 Release
YUNHO from Tohoshinki

Design: three-sided folding case (A4 size)
Ref Code: AVC1-79270 / B
Price: 4,500 Yen+ tax

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[Trans] 150525 Idol Groups in the Big 3 Agencies that Earn the Most Money


3대기획사에 돈을 가장 많이 벌어다주는 아이돌그룹들.gif | 인스티즈


Last year, in the music market, TVXQ’s Japan albums earned 36.9 billion (5th place in the Top15, only korean idols) + for the concert tour held every year, one time is at least 100 billion
(t/n: unit of currency assumed to be ₩)


{p/n: regarding the 5th place info, this is probably referring to this news, which means the currency for 36.9 billion is yen= 34 billion won}




Translated by @snxy
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