[PIC] 150625 a Photo of Yunho was Shared in a Korean Forum


Photo was originally shared on 150617, by a user called “Manager” in as a comment in a post at the korean forum “Todayhumor (오늘의유머)”, and translation of the comment is as follows:

While working, of the entertainers that I’ve seen, the hyung who can really fit within 5 fingers. On my day off, I went to visit the set to try and see hyung. While smiling, the good hyung who welcomed me. Hyung, go and come back safely ㅠㅠ


the same user shared the phot in another post yesterday.



another translation by @mystaryunho : here , it seems that the comment was left in a non-fan thread praising yunho’s great personality and talent



Todayhumor via @_hairycandy,
Forum Comment Translated by @snxy
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