[PIC] 150611 Official “T1ST0RY – &…! ” Goods are out!



•  Sales period : 2015/6/12 (Fri) 14:00 PM ~ 6/17 (Wed) 14:00 PM
• Sold at : http://www.yes24.com/event/03_Music/2015/0611TVXQgoods.aspx



the print used in the goods is a silhouette of their side faces!! when inverted you get one of them
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Left is Changmin, Right is Yunho
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[News-Soompi] 150611 “Scholar Who Walks the Night”: Lee Yoo Bi Also Revealed to Have Been Injured Alongside Lee Jun Ki During Filming

Lee Yoo Bi Also Revealed to Have Been Injured Alongside Lee Jun Ki During Filming


It has belatedly been revealed that actress Lee Yoo Bi sustained an injury while filming for her new drama “The Scholar Who Walks the Night” alongside her co-star Lee Jun Ki, who also suffered a nose fracture.

Lee Yoo Bi is said to have been admitted to a hospital and is currently receiving treatment after injuring her lower back/waist.

On June 11, a representative of the actress’s agency, Sidus HQ, shared, “Lee Yoo Bi Continue reading

[LINE/Ranking] 150611 Check out TVXQ! NEW Stickers First Time on LINE!!


STICKER Price: 100 Coins – No Expiration Date,  texts available in Korean, Japanese and English! EDIT: also in Chinese and Thai

STICKER Description: Charismatic man U-Know and playful boy MAX show us their hidden charms! Get to know the wonderful guys TVXQ! with these stickers! 




As soon as it was out, the sticker is currently no.1 in both Korean and Japanese Line Stickers stores: Continue reading