[Weibo] 150630 Shilla Duty Free’s official Weibo Posts About Yunho’s Drama “I Order You”






Yesterday, the press conference for Korea’s SBS PLUS web drama, “I Order You” of whom Yunho and Kim Ga-Eun are playing the leads, was held at SBS in Seoul. “I Order You” is Yunho’s last project before enlistment, Continue reading

[Headlines/Highlights] 150630 Yunho’s Web Drama Sold at $0.35M to Japan Even Before Being Aired, TVXQ to rule over the small screen!!


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[News-Soompi] 150629 TVXQ’s Changmin and Lee Soon Jae Engage in Fierce Battle of Wills in “The Scholar Who Walks the Night” Stills

TVXQ’s Changmin and Lee Soon Jae Engage in Fierce Battle of Wills in “The Scholar Who Walks the Night” Stills

The Scholar Who Walks the Night” released stills of TVXQ‘s Shim Changmin and Lee Soon Jae in an intense battle of wills, heightening expectations. In the drama, Shim Changmin and Lee Soon Jae play grandson and grandfather, but they do not seem to have the best of relationships, inciting curiosity.

On June 30, MBC‘s new Wednesday-Thursday fantasy melodrama “The Scholar Who Walks the Night,” which is set to air its first episode of July 8, revealed stills of the crown prince Lee Yoon (played by Shim Changmin) and the king Hyunjo (played by Lee Joon Jae) glaring at each other.

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[Instagram] 150630 Yunho with “I Order You” Family~



seems they all went bowling together yesterday!





Actress Goo Jaeyee’s instagram (goo_jae_yee) via @mystaryunho,
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[Instagram] 150629 The lighting Director for ‘I Order You’ Posts a Photo of Yunho




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[News-GET IT K] 150629 Jung Yunho, “”I Order You” Makes Me Feel All My Efforts Pay Off”


[Spot] Jung Yunho, “”I Order You” Makes Me Feel All My Efforts Pay Off”

The production conference for SBS’s new mini drama “I Order You” (produced by Ahn Gil-ho, script written by Lee Moon-hwi and Oh Bo-hyun) took place on June 29 at SBS building in Mok-dong, Yangcheon-gu of Seoul. Jung Yunho, Kim Ga-eun, Jang Seung-jo, Goo Jae-yi, Jo Yoon-woo, Baek Jong-won and the production team attended the briefing.

“I Order You” is a romantic comedy based on the namesake webtoon. It will depict a love story between handsome chef Yeo Guk-dae (played by Jung Yunho) and Song-ah (played by Kim Ga-eun) who has been in many relationships. The drama will be portrayed with FL-ada as the backdrop, which is an atelier specializing in handmade lunchboxes. Jung Yunho was cast to play as Yeo Guk-dae, owner and chef of FL-ada who is a chic, picky and principled man.

“After meeting the director and having a talk with him for a long time, I decided that I should join this drama. His human side won me over. I had a feeling that it would be a well-made drama that is well structured,” said Jung Yunho. “Unfortunately, I am not that good at cooking, to be honest. However, this drama is not all about cooking after all, and I thought it would be interesting to portray a story about love and life within cooking. Moreover, Guk-dae’s personality which I don’t possess also attracted me,” he continued. Continue reading

[VID/FB/Twitter/Trans] 150630 Another New Teaser Video for SBS Plus Web Drama “I Order You”


150630 I order you teaser


EDIT2: Please watch Video Teaser on I Order You’s official channel:  link

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  • “we are in a tasty relationship-one that is chewy, fresh, nutty, sweet, and sometimes spicy. July 6th, we are inviting you.”
  • “you said you’d make whatever i want”
    “i will satisfy you at once”
    “your lunchbox tastes of mom and dad” EDIT:{t/n: misheard the monologue”his(boss’) lunchbox tastes like mom”, not “mom and dad” haha}
    “so you’ll pay with ur body, huh?”
  • “I’ll be seeing you around, park songah”





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