[INFO] 150617 SMTOWN LIVE WORLD TOUR Ⅳ in JAPAN Special Edition Goods List are Out (Preorder On 150623)


Good list for SMTOWN LIVE WORLD TOUR Ⅳ in JAPAN Special Edition, the preorder on the online shop to start on 150623


  • Poncho – TVXQ! (2,200 Yen)





  • Misanga – TVXQ! (1,000 Yen)


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[Instagram] 150617 TVXQ Stylist Shares Photos of TVXQ’s Lower Halves Dressed in Dream MV Clothes~


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[Instagram] 1506016 Yunho Filming for Another Upcoming Teaser for “I Order You”

Another teaser for “I Order you” is on the way, this time it will feature ‘FLada’ owner and employees!






Lee Jenny’s Instagram (mola27jenny) via @mystaryunho,
Shared by TVXQ! Express

[VID/Trans/PIC] 150616 SBS Plus Web Drama “I Order You” Episode 01 Preview


Episode 01 Video Preview: link 

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You could also watch it on I Order You’s official channel: link

{p/n: it is available only in korea, but you could use hola extension on chrome or app on android or apple, for more head to their website here}

As well as on SBS Plus facebook here: link


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[PIC/Trans] 150615 Characters Description at the Official Website for Yunho’s Drama “I Order You”!


Main Characters:


Jung Yunho

Real name: Jung Yunho, Birth date: 1986/02/06, Agency: SM Entertainment


Jung Yunho 1

Yeo Gookdae, male, 32
owner-chef of artisanal lunch box shop ‘FLada’
“I don’t need your money! Pay up with your body!”
Gookdae is a too-good-to-be-true ‘wansonam(extremely precious man)’ who looks as if he’s just popped out of a shoujo manga, handsome and sexy with a tall, slim figure, long & white fingers.
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[VID/Partial Trans] 150616 KStar Report on T1ST0RY &…!: TVXQ’s Yunho, The Last Concert before Enlistment





Partial Translation by @snxy :

  • Yunho “I thought of this as the last present (I could give) to the audience. Ofc I will return but..(as this) is the last (concert of our) 20s, (we) have prepared well to do it.”
    Embedded image permalink
    Embedded image permalink
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[Instagram] 150616 TVXQ! Backstage with Yunwoo’s Mother (London Pride, TVXQ’s 11-year Stylist Team)

This’s from Jung Bo Yoon, from London Pride who are TVXQ Stylist team since debut:




0614 Although this is an account for my (baby) Yunwoo, I’d like to make a special exception and upload this pic without him because today is such a meaningful day, and I was so touched by the Dongbang kids.
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